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Nym\'s Blades Tower v1.0. -- a player home in Balmora or Gnaar Mok. Originally released on Planet Elder Scrolls 9-9-2007.

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Originally released on Planet Elder Scrolls 9-9-2007; posted to Morrowind Nexus 5-3-2012.

I've never been happy with the way the Blades organization is housed in Morrowind, and this mod aims to rectify one tiny part of that by supplying your character with a base of operations in the form of a Hlaalu tower in one of two locations: either in Balmora (adjacent to the South Wall Cornerclub) or in Gnaar Mok (adjacent to Arenim Manor). Each tower includes sleeping quarters for you and your companions, a supply chest, and several storage chests.

The Balmora version of the tower can be accessed using a key found in Caius' house; the Gnaar Mok version can simply be entered and claimed without fuss.

The Balmora version of this tower will conflict with Balmora Expanded and any other mod which alters the area of Balmora near the South Wall Cornerclub. The Gnaar Mok version will conflict with any mod which alters the area around Arenim Manor; this alternate version in the Hlaalu bastion of Gnaar Mok is supplied for those players whose Balmora has bloated beyond recognition and who howl in frustration at new Balmora mods. You will need to choose which version of the tower you would like to install, placing only one of the .esp files in your Morrowind/Data Files directory and activating it in your Data Files tab. Use both plugins at your own peril! Necessities of Morrowind inserts a water source near each tower but does not conflict otherwise.

Screenshots were taken with several texture packs installed. I recommend sampling from Ultimate Textures Complete v3.0 and Kel's Hi-Res Hlaalu Retex Pack (both found here on PES) if you wish to be faithful to my version. Otherwise, your visual mileage may vary.

Please see the enclosed readme for more detailed information.