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- Replaces for all the gold coins in the game with new meshes and textures based on the coins designed by Bethesda (Original version) and ancient Roman coins.

Permissions and credits
Shiny Septims - Morrowind
By: Painkiller_Rider & VagabondAngel

What it does?
- Replaces for all the gold coins in the game with new meshes and textures based on the coins designed by Bethesda (Original version) and ancient Roman coins (V1.2).
- Only mesh&texture replacer - no Esp file needed (except for Lucky Coin, where an Esp is provided).

- Resource - 5 new coin meshes, textures and icons, for a now total of 7: Iron, Copper, Nickel, Bronze (former Trajan's Gold), Silver, Gold (Septimus' Gold), Platinum - almost each mesh is differently sized from one denomination to the next; each has a different reflection map to match the respective material. The archive contais the meshes, textures and icons, along with a number of various reflection maps.

1. Extract the included files and sub-folders to a temporary folder of your choice.
2. Copy/over-write the sub-folders and files into "Morrowind Install Folder\Data Files".
3. Enjoy!

1. Locate the folder "Morrowind Install Folder\Data Files\Meshes\M".
2. Locate and delete the following files: gold_001, gold_005, gold_010, gold_025, gold_100.
3. Use Wrye Mash to update your savegame.

Important Notes:
- The gold coins have reflection, bump and glow maps so they will shine and (slightly) glow in the dark, while showing nice details in close-up.
- Four versions included:
- "original golden version", with a shiny/polished gold aspect
- "dulled version", like the above, but with less shine.
- "Trajan's Septims", based on a Sestertius coin (bronze) minted under Emperor Trajan's rule. This coin has a more battered look, with the original lettering worn out almost completely.
- Septimus' Septims, based on an Aureus coin (.999 Gold!) minted under Emperor Septimus Severus (sic!). This coin has a better condition look, with the lettering and details showing up beautifully.
- Use only one version (they overwrite each other)!
- "Old Man's Lucky Coin" will replace the quest item obtained via the original game's quest "A Lucky Coin". This will not overwrite the other replacers (has Esp).
- Please require permission and give due credit for the use of these meshes and textures in your own mods! Failure to do so will result in aeternal damnation to the lowest plane of Oblivion! Lowest-resolution, that is...
- Mod cleaned with MWEE.

VagabondAngel - original mesh and texture (Oblivion Septims)
Painkiller_Rider - reflect&bump effects, gold piles meshes, new textures, resources.

Special Thanks:
Bethesda for the great game and background for modding, VagabondAngel for the superb original work, Phijama for encouragements, Akallabeth for the Lucky Coin request ManaUser for the missing icon and the TES community for being with me all along...