Ships of the Imperial Navy by Neoptolemus
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Added: 29/04/2012 - 06:10AM
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This mod places galleons crewed by Imperial sailors in various places around Morrowind. You will see galleons at Ebonheart, Wolverine Hall, Dagon Fel, Seyda Neen and Fort Frostmoth. All sailors are scripted to disappear at night. Two galleon models have been used: the Elizabethan galleon by dongle, and a much larger galleon by Cyborg. Requires Bloodmoon.


- Retextured Cyborg's galleon, and added the sails from Dongle's galleon, since it didn't have any. I also added some windows to the stern.
- Changed the Captain's armour.
- Created an addon for Tamriel Rebuilt, adding galleons to Firewatch and Helnim.


- Added a titanic-sized galleon by Cyborg to Ebonheart.
- Added a small dock for the galleon at Fort Frostmoth.
- Added some simple path-grids to the decks of all galleons so the sailors won't spend all day trying to walk through the railings anymore, or walk off the deck.