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Added: 28/04/2012 - 06:25AM
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Last updated at 6:31, 28 Apr 2012 Uploaded at 6:25, 28 Apr 2012

IMPORTANT: This mod REQUIRES the Morrowind Code Patch. Get it here:

This mod adds a reflection effect to most of the windows in the game similar to (but in my opinion better looking than) Oblivion. Currently, only exterior windows are effected but in the future I will be adding this effect to interiors as well. All exterior windows are done in all expansions EXCEPT for dunmer style "amber" windows; I will get to these, and then I will do the "windows glow" night time versions of the windows.

Awhile back I made a request thread on the Bethsoft forums. In that thread, I wondered why no one had added reflect maps to the windows in the game and I came to the conclusion that no one had thought of it, but now I am beginning to suspect it is more because this kind of work is incredibly tedious!

Thanks to help and advice from Chaka, Chainy, AOF, Fallen One, and Dirnae I've learned how to apply what I think are some attractive reflect and bump maps to .nifs. Now all that is left to be done is go through every single mesh with a window in the game and apply the appropriate maps to each.

This mod uses textures created by Colt17 and Gemini and all of the bump maps are based on their textures.