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Adds an Ordinator companion for the PC to the Vivec High Fane

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Ordinator Companion v1.2 - Faeryn Sethandas README
by AurianaValoria1
Morrowind Nexus

Requirements: Tribunal

This mod adds an Ordinator named Faeryn Sethandas to the High Fane in Vivec, who can be recruited as a companion for the player. There's no "We're watching you, scum!" with this guy, though. He's cordial and friendly, with quite a background. You can find him in the east wing of the High Fane, in the same room as Endryn Llethan and Saryoni's Office.

Faeryn uses Grumpy's Companion v3.1 script. With this script he can:

1)Follow the player. He will teleport with you, whether you go by ship, silt strider, or Mages Guild service. He can even sneak, levitate, and water walk with you. He has a Swift Swim ability, so he always remains close. He also has Water Breathing, so he won't drown.

2)Attack creatures on sight. He won't wait for them to land the first blow. How? He is of the Guard class. But don't worry. He won't arrest you. (Note: His attack mode only applies to creatures, not NPCs.)

3)Level with the player. He will always be at or near your level and will level up when you do. His attributes are 85% of the player's. His weapons skills are 35+level of the PC, and his armor skills are 45+level of the PC. Yes, he can get "uber" stats when you are at level 70 :)

4)Companion share. You can open his inventory at any time and change its contents. He has his own armor and weapon, but you can adjust them to whatever you see fit.

*After his initial conversation, his health will be displayed as a percentage below his dialogue.

*Faeryn has the following unique topics:

3)Guard an area.

1)You can ask Faeryn to auto-move, and he will never get in your way (Be careful here, as you can lose him if you teleport before he stops moving).
2)You can ask him to move once (he'll wander for 4 seconds).
3)He can take a healing potion if his health falls below 70%.
4)He can restore his attributes.
5)He can cure himself of diseases (it is rare for an NPC to catch a disease, but it happens).

1)Use melee weapons
2)Use ranged weapons
3)Match your style
4)Use what he wants (leaving it up to the game's AI to decide what he does).

***NEW IN VERSION 1.2***

-Faeryn can now teleport with the player when Almsivi and Divine Intervention are cast. He will only come if he is currently in following mode.


*Teleportation to Mournhold and back to Ebonheart has been enabled via a small change to Asciene Rane and Effe-tei. Both mages now have a "Travel" option - much like the Guild Guides - that you MUST use if you want Faeryn to come with you. The original free option has not been tampered with, so you can still use that if you want to go by yourself.

*Faeryn has 129 lines of unique dialogue. Among other things, he has two different responses for every settlement in Morrowind and the districts of Mournhold in Tribunal. He also recognizes key topics to the Main Quests of both Morrowind and Tribunal.

*You may lose Faeryn if you teleport in the middle of combat, teleport immediately after combat (before he sheathes his weapon), when using Barilzar's Mazed Band, or when using the Ring of Hestatur from the Castle Hestatur mod. If he doesn't sheathe his weapon after combat, warping is broken.

*It may be a good idea to leave him behind before doing "The Mad God" quest in Tribunal, and "The Hunter's Game" in Bloodmoon. In both instances, the teleportation may cause you to lose him. I have not been able to test this because I have already completed the main quests.

*If you decide to take him with you to Dagoth Ur during the Main Quest, be sure to leave him in the Antechamber before you enter Akulakhan's Chamber. The Heart of Lorkhan will be marked as an enemy when you attack it, and even though it vanishes, it is still there, just invisible. Faeryn will hack away at an invisible Heart for all eternity if you bring him with you into the Heart Chamber!

*Faeryn is NOT a romanceable companion. He's your bodyguard.

*He IS a member of the Temple, so watch those sticky fingers!

*Faeryn looks like Nels Llendo if you take off his helm. If you are using a head replacer, he will look different. This mod does not require Better Bodies.

*If you do not like his armor, and you want to keep the Indoril look, I would recommend one of VagabondAngel's retextures.

*Faeryn's armor still has the Ordinator script on it, so wear it at your own risk!

*He has an amulet that restore's his health by 1 pt constantly, so he will eventually regenerate all his hit points if he does not have healing potions. However, he is not immortal! Faeryn can be killed, and he does not respawn, so take care of him!

1)Download and extract to someplace like the desktop using 7zip
2)Copy and paste the .esp to your Morrowind\Data folder
3)Start the Morrowind launcher, click on "Data Files" and place a check by the .esp

1)Uncheck the .esp
2)Delete .esp from the Data folder

Just copy and paste the new .esp over the old one. Everything should update fine. You might want to back up your old version, just in case things don't go the way you want.

Thanks to Bethesda for making Morrowind, TESNexus, and especially Grumpy for the Companion v3.1 script. Without it, Faeryn would not have been possible.

Thanks to Baratheon79, whose original mod was used as a base for teleportation to Mournhold.

A very special thanks to Kid077, for his perseverance and awesome scripting skills!

Above all, enjoy a unique companion!

-Please do not redistribute to other sites or use in other mods. You can contact me by leaving a comment.

***cleaned courtesy Grumpy and checked with Morrowind Enchanted Editor***