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Added: 08/03/2012 - 03:20PM
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Last updated at 3:01, 10 Mar 2012 Uploaded at 15:20, 8 Mar 2012

Morrowind Dwarven Machines Textures Project v 1.0

This is a compilation of the various dwemer texture replacement mods i have already uploaded on the net

This release includes the previous releases for the Steam centurion, the centurion spider, the Sphere Centurion, the Sphere Archer, and also includes the updated textures for Yagrim Bagarn, the last surviving Dwarf/Dwemer.

all textures now have MipMaps so they look better in the game (the sparkley effect is gone now)

The meshes are included and are necessary for some of the UV mapping to appear correctly. The small adjustments are to the ball of the built in mace on the steam centurion, and to the chair of Yagrim.

there is also an additional texture to the originals that gives Yagrims chair its own unique texture, even though it is similar to the spider centurion texture, it is a replacement. the mesh replacement is also necessary for the new texture to be called up when this character loads, instead of the one for the spider centurion. i also moved around the mesh mapping somewhat to make the chair a bit less ugly.

this is WIP, so i will add more to this as time goes on. I am also working on making similar textures for the Dwemer Armor, so it matches the textures for the Steam centurions. That will be added to the update shortly.

Dont worry about the other uploads, i will still support them and will add the mipmaps right around the same time as this release, but bear with me, i have to find time to do this between other things. this is not my job, its a hobby, so things can be slow sometimes.

thanks and enjoy the compilation!