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Adds a spell to restore your magicka using spells and enchantments. You have to buy it.

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Restore magicka spell and enchant

Are you sick and tired to only have randomly working, constraining and single-use elements to regenerate your magicka in the vanilla game?
Do you think the game would be more enjoyable if you could restore your magicka through spells and enchantments?
Then rejoice because this mod is for you.

I created a new spell called "Weak restoration of magicka" , it costs 1 points and restores 5-6 points of magicka. I didn't make it very powerful so you can use it even with only 1 magicka point left and with a starting character who has a low intelligence.

Having this spell also allows you to create your own ones depending of your character's intelligence and to use this effect as an enchantment.
For example if you use an exquisite ring and the soul of a golden saint you can get a permanent restoration of 4-5 points on self.

If you would like me to add an object like a ring that gives you a constant 5 points regeneration just ask. :-)

You'll need to give a visit to J'Rasha to acquire it (Vivec ; foreign quarter ; eastern canalworks).

If you can't buy the spell because you have another mod affecting J'rasha open the console ² and type player->addspell RegainMagieMineur5-6

Copy the esp in your "Morrowind\data files" folder, run Morrowind launcher or preferably a mod manager and tick the matching box.

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