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Added: 12/02/2012 - 04:06PM
Updated: 12/02/2012 - 04:24PM

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Last updated at 16:24, 12 Feb 2012 Uploaded at 16:06, 12 Feb 2012

Complete rebuild of all misc Items , rings, amulets, lamps, ingredients, potions, books, scrolls, lock picks, probes, repair Items, apparatus, and some containers.

BumpMap, glowMap and other map effects are added + Animations textures&mesh add *Lod mesh in any model.
One IDE = One model
- 1821 in the 21 mesh folder.
- 3328 textures.

About master files
@BI_4.1_withESP.esp — Full, extended version. With bonuses. New ingredients in leveledlists.
@BI_3.9_withESP.esp — Simple version. Without bonuses. It is the most stable and does not affect anything extra

What's new:
Changed objects are original M + T -B.
- Misc Items. All unique models. *key set models.
- Potions, set models, plus some unique meshes.
- Scrolls, set models, plus some unique ones.
- Books, all unique.
- Alchemy units, picks, probes, repair kits - all unique. *add new repair kit in Full ver.
- Rings and amulets, all unique. * Without «Moon and Star», it is original, as it is symbolic. *add 12 non game model.
- Containers, the type of "Rock" (Glass, Ebony, Adamant, Diamonds +ruby, gold, silver, iron non in game) - the new meshes.
- Iights, all unique.
In the extended version:
- Added a trader in Ebengard selling unique magic scrolls. *scripted scrolls! May be problem.
- The script on the Morveyn ash statue.
- To collect the ingredients of the ore veins, you need a pickaxe.
- Added some new ingredients are available in the leveledlists
- Added a new menu skin of books and scrolls.
- Changed from enchantments: Rings Mentor (Hortator Redoran), Warlock's Ring, the Ring of Khajiit - according to the book Famous Artifacts of Tamriel, and to give, the actual artifact.

Have a Lod Node - may be cause some non-critical errors.
Silver candlestick from the Shegorat sanctuary, some portable lights and lamps
fixtures in Mournhold, candles Sixth House, skulls and skull lights, rings: Mentor, Vampire, Septim, a lamp in the chitin cap, Dwemer books under Mournhold, the Star of Azura.
Some textures of books and notes - in Russian (font), part English, part on Daedric.
For details, see in the Russian readme.

full Size ver. with a big textures look in the
See "Mirrors".
Use these .esp files with bsa archive from there.
This plug for history.
Don`t recommended to install and use from active the game!
Because there is Symphony..
But, as You wish.