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Nimble and clever, the inhabitants of Valenwood have sunkissed skin, large expressive eyes, and facial tattoos ranging from pretty to pretty scary. If ever a Tamrielic race had a wild side, it's the Bosmer.

It's finally here! This pack includes 18 new Wood Elf faces (10 distinct faces with 8 tattoo/eye variants) and 6 new hairstyles. But we can't forget about our friendly Nords, Bretons, Imperials, High Elves, and Dark Elves, can we? That's why they each got a new hairstyle too, in 3 different colors. All hairs were made for Oblivion by talented authors who are not me, I simply converted them with permission for Morrowind players to enjoy. :)

*Some hairs may look odd in shadows while using MGEX.
** IMPORTANT** These hairs do not look good with the heads that shipped with the original game in 2002. They should be great with any head replacer or mod that uses Better Heads.

Thanks for downloading, as always. Have fun!