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The director's cut 2.0 redux enhanced edition version of Muffinwind is more or less a total overhaul of the original. In general, I've gone over and cleaned up some scripts, fixed a lot of minor (and a few not-so-minor) bugs, rewritten most of the dialogue, remade and redecorated many of the cells, rebalanced enemy stats and skills, added several side quests... a total overhaul on almost every level, really. I made Muffinwind six years ago. This is how I would make it now. Hope it's to your taste.

Muffinwind, for those of you witnessing it for the first time, is a high-level epic adventure unlike any you've ever experienced before. From the perilous depths of the Master Baker's tomb, to the terrible Bakeries of Necrom, to ancient and forgotten temples, and to the depths of the Muffin Realm itself, the Nerevarine must rally their allies and prepare Morrowind for the greatest conflict it has ever known.... all the while preparing to face the ghosts of the past in a personal battle no less frightful, and perhaps gain an understanding of what it meant to be the Mer named Indoril Nerevar. Betrayal, ascendancy, tragedy, manipulation, ancient powers, unspeakable evil, disco music and room-temperature cake mix - a recipe for trouble indeed.

10-20 hours of half-baked adventure await... if, be warned, you have the stomach for a banquet of stale puns.