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Added: 25/01/2012 - 12:41PM
Updated: 09/01/2013 - 11:36PM

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Last updated at 23:36, 9 Jan 2013 Uploaded at 12:41, 25 Jan 2012

The idea is something my girlfriend Shelley (aka Andromeda) had. The idea was to add some form of simple fast travel into Morrowind. The mod is intended as a immersive form of fast travel, allowing the player to travel to whatever location is shown on a signpost. Ehh.... that's kind of it really, it does exactly that. If you see a road sign you can click on it, be prompted with a menu asking weather you wish to fast travel to that location or not.

*** UPDATE ***
Added Real Signposts compatibility. Requires you to install real signposts first obviously. Only use one plugin, DON'T have this plugin and real signposts active.

I chose Real Signposts for a compatible version because it is the most used on the NEXUS.

*** TO DO ***
Currently fast traveling only forwards the time by 6 hours, regardless of starting location and destination. I plan to incorporate some form of distance calculation make the times more varied depending on destination, and also make the hours passed per cell configurable by the player.

I also intend to disallow the fast travel if you are being attacked or over-encumbered.

Also, maybe some form of penalty for using the signs would work well. Drain a skill or something along those lines.

And lastly, if I get the distance calculation script working I would like to add different forms of travel. Such as "direct" less safe route and "main roads" safe route. Something similar to Daggerfall maybe, I dunno, I'm open to suggestions.