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This is a high resolution texture replacer for all the armorer's hammers and repair prongs in Morrowind.

I have also included an optioinal .esp file that places two new armorer's hammers into the game; the Dwemer Armorer's Hammer and the Daedric Armorer's Hammer. The optional esp also contains three new blacksmithing books; one of which is a skill book. These items are scattered around Morrowind for you to find :)

Retextured Items:
Repair Prongs
Apprentice's Armorer's Hammer
Journeyman's Armorer's Hammer
Master's Armorer's Hammer
GrandMaster's Armorer's Hammer
Sirollus Saccus' Hammer

New Items (Optional):
Dwemer Armorer's Hammer
Daedric Armorer's Hammer
Skill Book - Blacksmithing Tools
Book - Forging a Heavy Duty Blade
Book - Sword Components

The Dwemer Armorer's Hammer and the Daedric Armorer's Hammer can both be found in ruins when you're out and about.

The Dwemer Armorer's Hammer and the Daedric Armorer's Hammer have both been added to the stock of some merchants. The Dwemer Armorer's Hammer is only stocked by merchants who already sold dwemer items, as they didn't seem to be bothered that were already breaking Imperial law.

Only a few merchants sell these rare repair hammers and even fewer of these merchants are able to get the supplies to restock them.

Four copies of the book "Blacksmithing Tools" can now also be found somewhere in Morrowind, this book will increase your armorer skill but you will have to find a copy of it first :P

The other two books, "Sword Components" and "Forging A Heavy Duty Blade" are not skill books. Five copies each of these books have also been placed around Morrowind.

The stats of the Dwemer Armorer's Hammer are between a Journeyman and Masters hammer stats which seemed to be balanced judging by Dwemer weapons.
Dwemer Armorer's Hammer stats: Weight - 2.50 / Uses - 15 / Quality - 1.20 / Value - 35

The stats of the Daedric Armorer's Hammer are between the Master and Grandmaster Armorer's Hammer stats as all references point to the daedra as being skilled armorers.
Daedric Armorer's Hammer stats: Weight - 1.50 / Uses - 10 / Quality - 1.50 / Value - 75

A spoiler list of where to find all of the new items can be found by scrolling down to the end of the readme ;)