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New Fishing Nets, fish traps, dip nets, ropes...

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Momo's Fishery Resource

First I want to thank Inny for converting my meshes into the morrowind file format.


This Ressource contains 14 new fishery models by me. They are perfect for designing villages, towns and harbors.


Copy the folders meshes and textures into your morrowind data directory and integrate the *.nif´s into
your *.esp.


The models can be freely used in modifications for Morrowind, but give me Credits.
You are not allowed to edit the textures or models.
Before using my resource contact me so i know where the resource is being used.
Commercial using is not allowed.


Inny for Converting
Bethesda Softworks for Oblivion and the CS
Blenderfoundation for creating Blender
Nifskope-Team for creating Nifskope
Adobe-Team for creating Photoshop
Livi for giving me Love and Freedome