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These are minor bug fixes meant to be used in conjunction with the UMPP.

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There are two versions included, depending on whether or not you use the "Morrowind Patch v1.6.5 BETA (BTB Edit).esm" or "Morrowind Patch v1.6.5-BETA.esm" master. I didn't reimplement changes specific to the BTB edition. I assume if you're not running it, you don't want those changes. Some of these changes might be seen as optional, but I believe in being fairly comprehensive. I don't anticipate a new version of the UMPP to come out, and many of these bugs have been identified in the past 4 years since the last release without an easy means for people to play with all the latest fixes.

Included all of arvisrend's fixes (of which there are TONS)

Fixed 223 broken pathgrids

BUG: “ShowMap Druscashti” in dialogue: little secret, ID: 2300925401118294094, “Vampires have returned to Vvardenfell. In the ruins of the Deep Elves at Druscashti….”.
FIX:: Change Cell name (-6,17): “Ashlands Region” to “Druscashti”

BUG: Greeting 1, thormoor_thirsk, ID: 2467914181324123642, “%PCName! I've had some time to rest,…”.
FIX:: Change “ShowMap "Solstheim, Gyldenhul"” to “ShowMap "Solstheim, Gyldenhul Barrow Entrance"”

BUG: Greeting 1, thormoor_thirsk, ID: 3187114073240217891, “%PCName! I've had some time to rest,…”.
FIX:: Change “ShowMap "Solstheim, Gyldenhul"” to “ShowMap "Solstheim, Gyldenhul Barrow Entrance"”

BUG: Greeting 1, thormoor_out, ID: 71382752095631387, “%PCName! I've had some time to rest,…”.
FIX:: Change “ShowMap "Solstheim, Gyldenhul"” to “ShowMap "Solstheim, Gyldenhul Barrow Entrance"”

BUG: Script: AirshipJournalScript
FIX:: Change “ShowMap "Hrothmund's Bane"” to “ShowMap "Solstheim, Hrothmund's Bane"”

BUG: Script: ThiefTraderScript
FIX:: Change “if ( GetPCCell "Ald'ruhn" == 1 )” to “if ( GetPCCell "Ald-ruhn" == 1 )”

BUG: Script: menhirTelNaga
FIX:: Change “GetPCRank "House Telvanni"” to “GetPCRank "Telvanni"”

BUG: Script: menhirTelUvirith
FIX:: Change “GetPCRank "House Telvanni"” to “GetPCRank "Telvanni"”

Sleepers no longer attack after main quest.

The loose items in Fort Pelagiad (gold, armor and weapons sitting out) now have owners.

Spell merchants in Mournhold no longer have auto-calculate flags.

Drarayne Girith is male again, with his original head and hair.

Yakov has a slave script attached now

Drake's Pride now correctly shows as a House Redoran quest

Gultim Gra-Borbul has pants

Rultim Gra-Ogdub is no longer naked

Almalexia Greeting fixed

MS_ScrollSales quest now checks if you already have the scroll

Widowmaker quest fix

The Paralyzed Barbarian quest fix

Baladas' Shock Centurion can now be told to wait or follow.

Shut the Mines Down can be completed even after joining House Hlaalu or Telvanni.

Promotion to Archmagister of the Telvanni works with either the "advancement" or "Magister" topic, so
long as Gothren has been killed and you're already Magister

Removed the A2_4_MiloGone_Books journal entry for a quest that can't be completed and rolled into

Vampire kills before being turned count (minus the kills against your own clan)

Almalexia magicka is not wiped on a save/restore

Fixed Beyte Fyr's Greeting

Egg Miner class added to filter dialogue away from other miners

Dampworm, Rattles, Rock Joint, and Rust Chancre now properly implemented in the game.

Foeburner has an enchantment

Cruel Viperbolt now has the correct enchantment

Thunder Fist renamed to Nordic Frost (like Skyrim) to clear up that it is Frost damage and not Lightning.

Fixed Duel with Bolvyn Venim quest

Added a bunch of checks with General Darius' dialogue to prevent skipping early Imperial Legion quests.

Fix typo in Guide to Vvardenfell.

Mages now correctly refer to Estirdalin as female.

Renamed Life Force to Drain Life Force.

Demoralize Beast and Rally Beast changed to Touch range.

Strong Heal Companion changed from Self to Touch.

Duke Vedam Dren's construction topic changed from requiring A2_6_Incarnate >= 50 to C3_DestroyDagoth >= 50 when referring to you as the Nerevarine.

Fixes some bugs with escorting Rollie the Guar and fixes the Corky teleportation bug.

Fixes an issue where you choose one ability reward from Almalexia but receive another.

Adds Wings of the Queen of Bats to the game which is in the CS, but never placed.

Fixed Erabenimsun topic.

Fixed Taxes from Gnisis quest

Fixed Taxes from Gnisis topic

Renamed Jo'Ren-Dar to J'Oren-Dar to match ID and Khajiit naming conventions

Lowered Charming Touch duration to 10. You get the spell early but can't cast it because of high Magicka cost.

Fixed topic Illusion Spells

Renamed expensive_amulet_aeta to Aeta's Amulet and expensive_ring_aeta to Aeta's Ring

In Orphan of Arnesia, Nileno Dorvayn now reacts to Neminda's death, even if you have the orders.

Ring of Equity fix

Codebook quest fix

Lugrub Axe is now obtainable, even if you use Better Bodies

Fixed potential Dandras Vules dialogue loops without removing his ressurection and dialogue. I just moved up "set deathbed to -1" above "dandras vules"->SetHealth 0.

Non-unique Gauntlets of Horny Fist changed to "dynamic horny fist" enchantment

Fonari Indaren's items belong to her now.

furn_moldcave_spout00 is named Water Spout again

You should be able to pick pocket Brallion's ring now

Mavon Drenim is now referred to as a guy

Fixed little advice topic for bards

Both Stendar's Hammers now have a maximum chop of 160.

You can no longer get infinite keys for Mehra Milo and the Lost Prophecies. I added a check for Journal A2_4_MiloPrisonSafe < 100.

Fixed the platform that reveals the hidden door in Shishi, so that when it's lowered, it stays lowered. Also added ability to re-raise the platform.

Fixed "travel together" so you can't skip a Twin Lamps quest.

Fixed some Service Refusals

Fixed potential CTD with Arven Nalyn by making his corpse persist.

Fixed Journal: MV_RichTrader 90.

Drarayne Thelas had a sex change and is male again (like vanilla).

Removed another TalkedtoPC from Little Advice

Fixed filtering issues for "little advice", "little secret" and "Dissident Priests".

"Who's there?" greeting no longer filtered just for Ulfgar.

Sethan Tomb floor fixed

Bloodmoon East Empire Essential Npcs marked

Trebonius Artorius is a battlemage skilled in Heavy Armor, but with no armor in vanilla. Now he has armor.

fixed scripts for bookPilgrimsPath, dmamiScript, WaitOneDay, mazegate2Script, WereChangeScript, WolfenderInnocent, totemScript, trackerscript, DagothUrCreature2, LtM_umbraScript