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This mod alters the Pelagiad, Ahnassi's House cell to allow it to better act as a player home.

Permissions and credits
The Elder Scrolls III
Ahnassi's House - Refurbished
Version: 1.0
by Tizzo



1. Installing the Plugin
2. Playing the Plugin
3. Plugin Features
4. Alterations from Base Game
5. Save Games
6. Known Issues/Conflicts
7. Revisions
8. Updating
9. Credits




To install the plugin, unzip the files into the Morrowind/Data Files




To use this mod check the box next to the Ahnassi's House - Refurbished.esp file in the Morrowind Launcher Data Files menu.

This mod makes alterations to the cell "Pelagiad, Ahnassi's House" that are designed to improve the layout, utility, and overall appearance of the cell so it may better serve as a player home.

To directly travel to the home using the console, use the following command:

coc "Pelagiad, Ahnassi's House"




The home has the following features:

** Alchemy Sorter: This sorter will sort Morrowind and/or Tribunal and Bloodmoon ingredients. The container for the sorter has the appearance of an interior window cover/cabinet, which is set into a wall in the basement.

To sort ingredients from the base game, click on the coat of arms above the cabinet (on the left) labeled "Ingredient Sorter (Common).

To sort Tribunal and Bloodmoon ingedients, click on the coat of arms above the cabinet (on the right) labeled "Ingredient Sorter (Exotic).

Please note, the Ingredient storage container has a capacity of zero. To place any ingredients into it, you must use the Sorter.


** The Alchemy Desorter(s): Near the Alchemy Sorter there is shelf with several scrolls, which act as a convenient way to draw out any and all Morrowind/Tribunal/Bloodmoon ingredients used to make the following potions from the Ingredient Storage:

-- Restore Health

-- Restore Fatigue

-- Cure Common Disease

-- Restore Magicka

-- Feather

-- Levitation

-- Water Breathing

-- Fire shield

-- Fortify Strength

-- Invisibility

The scripts used for this take into account your Alchemy skill. Any ingredients listed for the above potions found in "The Alchemists Formulary" will be removed from storage and added to the player inventory provided your base skill in Alchemy is > 5. All others will be removed and added once your Alchemy skill is great enough to actually see the effect on the ingredient itself.


** Scripted Teleportation: At a certain point in the questline offered by the home owner (Ahnassi, in the Halfway Tavern) a scroll will appear on a bench inside the house. Reading this scroll gives the player a "telport home" power, as well as a scripted item that allows the telport power to work.

The teleport is companion friendly, and is done via npc. You will need some gold to use the telport.


The teleport power will not work until said point in the questline, and you must have the scripted item in your inventory. If either condition fails, the spell will still cast but the script will not fire and you won't get the telport dialogue. This is intentional.


**NoM Support: This mod features a NoM compatible fireplace and a NoM beer keg.


4. Alterations from Base Game


-- Ahnassi's House has been rebuilt and redecorated!


* Added smoke plume (active_chimney_smoke02) to house chimney.

Main Floor

* The table has moved to provide more space.
* A chandilier has been placed above the table for mood lighting.
* Chairs have been changed out for a more "Khajiit friendly" design.

* Potted flowers have been added to the window and atop the fireplace mantle.
* Removed a dresser near the door and replaced with a bench.

* Added a stewpot (container) and hook to inside of fireplace.
* Added a NoM compatible fire to fireplace (was unlit logs).
* Created stack of wood and placed next to fireplace.
* Added Iron War Axe, Iron Fork, and Metal Bucket to fireplace surroundings for flavor.

* Added 3 books and placed on top of book case.
-- Words of Clan Mother Ahnissi
-- Master Zoaraym's Tale
-- Last Scabbard of Akrash

* Added Guarskin Drum as Bookend/Flavor item to top of book case.

* Addition of broom to one corner of room

* Removed Silverware Cup/Pitcher/Candlesticks, replaced candlestick with Iron Candlestick.

* Added/Changed Tapestries.

* Placement changes to various clutter items (dishes, silverware, etc) and potions/liquors.


* Extensive alterations to cell make-up, replacing Stone interior tiles with Plain tiles.
* Moved Bedroom doorjamb, changed to arched plain doorjamb, added a door.
* Set lock level of new door to 35.

* Added tapestries, various light fixures to walls to improve ambiance.

* Added End-cap to accomodate trap door to Sub-Basement
* Added Trap Door for Sub-Basement access. Set lock level to 75 on Trap Door.
* Moved respawning Food and Drink containers to Sub-Basement.

* Replaced bed with canopied bed.
* Added tables and chests (containers) to each side of bed.
* Added decorative plants to corners of room near bed.
* Changed carpeting, Added and altered tapestries to bedroom.

* Removed Winerack from Bedroom.
* Removed various containers from Bedroom.
* Removed shelving from Bedroom wall (incompatible with new tiles).

* Added weapon rack with a few low level weapons to bedroom hallway
* Added two cupboards to hallway for additional storage.

* Changes to lock levels on various containers.

Please Note: All locked items on this floor open with the house key given by Ahnassi.


* Completely new addition done in common stone.

* Added Various shelving units, containers, tables, etc.

* Added Beer Keg (NoM Compatible) next to respawning food and drink containers.

* Various bags (moon sugar) placed near Beer Keg.

* Added Alchemy Sorter, De-sorting scrolls, work table, etc.

* Added some Journeyman-level alchemy equipment and a copy of "The Alchemist's Formulary".

* Additional Storage space added for same (cupboard next to Sorter).

* Placed Redware Lamp and an Iron candle-stand to provide light sources for room.

* Placed small rug in front of alchemy table.
-- It really brings the room together, yknow?

* Created, added, and placed "Storage Closet" container.
-- This container is an arched door found in the Sub-Basement.
-- It has approx. 9000+ units of storage, representing area beyond door.
-- What, 9000?! There's no way that can be right!


5. Save Games


This plugin should not invalidate your old saved games. If you remove the
plugin from a game already in progress, you will have to click through
all those error messages. However, you should be able to continue on afterward.

**Note: As a rule, you should backup all your saves before using this or any
other plugin, as a precaution against any strange error you might encounter.


6. Known Issues/Conflicts


-- The Alchemy Desorter may not work properly with mods that alter ingredient effects.


7. Revisions


Version 1.0

-- Inital Release Version


8. Updating


This plugin should really be used with a new game. However, if you are using a previous version of this mod and wish to update, follow this procedure:

-- Make a back-up save

-- Remove all items you wish to keep from the house cell. Exit the house and save.

-- In the Morrowind Launcher, unselect the Ahnassi's House - Refurbished.esp

-- Enter game, click through the errors, save your game, and exit the game again.

*Optional but recommended: Clean your save using Wrye Mash*

-- Enable the new version of the mod in the Morrowind Launcher.

-- Move back in and enjoythe home.


9. Credits


Bethesda Morrowind Team -- For making a game that's kept me interested and entertained since 2002.

Dragonsong -- Interior building tutorials taught me the basics.

Despair -- Alchemy Sorter script, modified for this mod.

Ghanburigan, Yacoby, Melian -- Morrowind Scripting for Dummies, an invaluable aid.

Nicholiathan -- Desorter script, also modified.

Princess Stomper -- Inspiration, cell lighting settings.

Qwert -- Editing the "Pocket Dimension Home" is what got me started using the TESCS.

Srikandi -- Tutorial showed me how to work with Dialogue.

UESP.Net -- The information here on modding kept me from making several stupid mistakes.

Wrye -- for his MASH program, used with one of his plugins to provide NoM compatability to this mod.


Any bugs should be reported to me as soon as possible.
You can PM me on the official forums.

This mod may be posted on other sites, provided that the site owner contacts
me for permission or I send it to him/her, and I am credited as the mod author.

Enjoy, and thank you for using my mod!