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The undead have all been remade, taking inspiration from the undead of the old classic Dungeons & Dragons.

Permissions and credits
Note: All credit goes to Antares and the other author's in the Credits and Usage section for the mod. I also thank Antares for allowing this mod to be redistributed. I have uploaded this here so it can be downloaded somewhere besides PES.

This mod is not compatible with the mod The Undead by Neoptolemus.


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I remade the undeads in Morrowind, taking inspiration from the old classic Dungeons & Dragons undeads.

This mod requires Tribunal and Bloodmoon

These are the undead you'll find, from the weakest to the most powerful

- most of the undead now have "0" soul. In my opinion, most of them are simply animated by magic and shouldn't have a soul.
- some lesser creatures, may have a normal version, a dead version, and an UNDEAD version. The first one, means the
creature has "0" health and it is death. The second one, means the creature lies on the ground looking as dead, but it is not. If the pc goes close to it, touch it, or attacks it, the creature rises and attacks him.

Decayed Skeletons
There are only 2 or 3 of these Undeads in Morrowind. I have found a beautiful new mesh of them in the mod "Undeads" by Neoptolemus. I liked so much this mesh, that I want this creature is much more common to find. It is equipped only with the weakest weapons (chitin).
It comes with normal, dead and undead version.

more or less, the same in the original game. It has a normal and an undead version.

Skeleton Warrior
The skeleton warriors have been replaced by Npcs that use skeletal body parts, I made my own skeleton model, using original Skeleton model of Morrowinrd. All the mods that provide skeletal body parts, don't have the wrist and the ankle part, so when they carry some armor or clothes, you see the wrist and ankle part disappear. I made also these missing parts, so they now look complete. They are equipped with some from all the rusty armor/weapons I have found in the game.
They have also an undead version.

Skeleton Champion
It is a Npc with skeletal meshes for his body. Always equipped with a magical weapon, and a barely full armor.

Skeleton Hero
It is a Npc with skeletal meshes for his body. Always equipped with a magical weapon, and a full imperial armor.

In my opinion, the Corprus Stalker IS a zombie. And I am sure everyone of us, the first time met one of them, thought "a zombie!" Some mods use the same mesh as zombie, and also Corprus stalker. But I don't like 2 different creatures look identical. So, all the corprus stalkers in the game have a new model ( an Ash Slave, retextured by me).
They carry infections. Each of them, has a human flesh ingredient.
They have also a dead and an undead version.
They are "revenants": every time they are killed, there is a 50% they resurrect (weaker) if you touch them or next time you come next to them. So, they may be killed several times, before the definitive death.

They replace the Bonewalker. They use a model from the mod Undeads, by Neoptolemus. They can paralyze. They carry infections.
They are "revenants": every time they are killed, there is a 50% they resurrect (weaker) if you touch them or next time you come next to them. So, they may be killed several times, before the definitive death.

They carry infections.
They are "revenants": every time they are killed, there is a 50% they resurrect (weaker) if you touch them or next time you come next to them. So, they may be killed several times, before the definitive death.

The mummies stand up and fight when you approach them. The mummies will not respawn, once defeated.


Ancestor Ghost
In Morrowind they are the weakest Undeads. Now they are stronger, and in the leveled lists appear later. Their "Ghost Touch" damages Intelligence (5 - 15), Willpower ( 5 - 15) and health (5 - 15). The spells that summon an ancestral ghost, now are more difficult to cast, because the creature is more powerful.
Some of them, are invisible, and appear once approached.

They look semi-transparent Dunmer, with skeletal hands. Usually, they carry a candle and their purpose is to dissuade the adventurers to go further in the tomb. If you make them an offer for the Ancestors, they may also help you.

It is the lost spirit of a female evil Dunmer. They look semi-tranparent with skeletal hands. Their skeletal claws, damage Health (5-15) and Endurance (1-10). The Banshee's most powerful attack is their scream. Usually they cast it when an intruder enters a tomb, to dissuade him. The scream is terrible and can paralyze who hears it, and damage his health (50).The Banshee can also be found on the ground, crying for her lost life, but it is still dangerous.

It is a spirit that has not left yet its body, and sometimes, if you disturb it, he may arise and punish who disturbed his dead body.

They are completely invisible. They animate the weapons they find on the ground and attack the intruders, while emitting scarying sounds.


They may be found in tombs, using the bodies found there for their experiments. They may summon skeletons and lesser bonewalker, and have also other powers. They have ingredients, evil books, potions etc..

Old Necromancer
They can summon Greater Bonewalkers and Ancestral Ghosts, and have also other powers.
They have ingredients, evil books, potions etc...

They are more powerful now. They can cast the "Grave's Curse", like the ancestral ghosts, their touch paralizes ( 5 sec) and damages health (25 pt). They may summon, finally there is a reason in their name..


Lich Skull
One of the skulls in the ashpits, may be a skull of a dead powerful sorcerer that still has magical powers.

I used the mesh of the Lich in Tribunal. They may summon undeads like the Ancestor Ghost, their touch absorb health (50 pt), and damage strength and endurance (10-15 pt), and have often magical items like rings, that can use in battle.

Ancient Lich
Using a modified version of the Barilzar's head, the Ancient Lich is a Npc very rare and powerful. He may summon powerful undeads like the Bonelords, and cast powerful spells. He has often magical items like enchanted weapons,
rings and amulets, that can use in battle.

Gedna Relvel
The powerful female Lich of Tribunal has her own model (she is a Npc now). She has long hair and blue eyes, and a female voice. She can now show the Robe of the Lich that she wears.


New in version 1.2

-the creature Beldoh the Undying becomes now a Npc
-the creature Worm Lord becomes now a Npc
- included a missed texture for the Ancient Lich head

- New model for the Lich, with jaw and red Eyes
- the Profane Acolytes are now Npcs

- BloodMoon Skeleton Champions are now Npcs.
- the leveled lists have been changed

New in version 1.3
- fixed compatibility with LGNPC - Vivec Redoran

New in version 1.4
- added the pirate skeletons models (models by Elim Garak, from )

New in version 1.5
- added the mod Unique Ghosts and the Ghouls from the mod Undeads by Neoptolemus

New in version 1.8
- Mummies, Zombies and Ghouls, now are "revenants". They may resurrect after have been killed. They may return multiple times.

New in version 2.0
- The skeletons now have a new death aniamtion. Now thay fall in pieces once defeated. THere is also a new model and animation for the Banshee.

New in version 3.0
- INcluded my other Undead mods: Mummies Arise From Death, and Skeletons Arise from Death I and II.

New in version 3.5
- now the Daugr are also revenants. A new creature is added, the Draugr Deathlord.



To install the plugin, place the Data Files folder, into the Morrowind directory. Run the Morrowind Launcher program. Select Data Files. Double click the file:

- Undead Arise from Death 3.5.esp to select it.



- thanks to Dungeons & Dragons, classic game, that inspired this work.

- the Pirates Skeleton are models by Elim Garak, from
Here is the link of the resource.
I have modified a bit these models.

- the 3 sounds of the Poltergeist and the model of the Crippled Skeleton and the model of the Ghoul, are from the mod "The Undead", by Neoptolemus. Thanks to Neoplolemus that let me use them!

- the hair mesh and texture of the Banshee and Gedna Relvel, is from the mod New NPC Replacer. I suppose the model and texture are by Rhedd and Allerleirauh. The texture has been a bit modified by me.

- Thanks to who released the tools Blender and Nifskope, used to make the animations. A special thanks to Amorilia at NifTools forum who released the exporter to export animations/models from Blender to Nif file.

My (Antares) work:
- The Banshee's and skeletons' animation.
- The Banshee/Ghost Robe, is the "common_robe_02_t", of the original game. I have simply decoloured its textures and modified them a bit.
- The Skeletal meshes for the Skeleton Npcs, are made by me, using the original meshes and textures of the Skeletons in Morrowind.
- The skeletal head of the Ancient Lich, is the Barilzar's head, ( creature of Morrowind Tribunal ), modified by me.
- The skeletal head of Gedna Relvel, is a skeleton head of Morrowind, modified by me. Her Crown, is from one of the original hair of Morrowind that I sticked on the new hair.
- The new Corprus Stalker model, is an Ash Slave model, retextured by me using some imperial textures I modified.
- the Mummy is animated by me (Antares). The model is made by me using models and textures made by Bethesda for Morrowind.
- the Draugr Deathlord is animated by me. I modeled and retextured it, using original meshes and textures made by Bethesda for Morrowind.

Feel free to use my part of this mod how you wish. Just inform me if you place it original or modified somewhere on Web.



If you have any comments, questions, suggestions, criticisms, please, contact me at:

[email protected]

I always answer my eMails. Just make sure that you put something about this mod in the subject field.



do not forget to have a look at my other mods on PlanetElderScrolls:



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