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Added: 17/08/2011 - 12:50AM
Updated: 19/08/2011 - 05:06AM

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Last updated at 5:06, 19 Aug 2011 Uploaded at 0:50, 17 Aug 2011

Signs & Banners mesh tweak

This is a tweak to the signs and banners of Morrowind and Mournhold
that corrects the UV Set TexCoord so that the sign or banner will
display the same on both sides. These are all original Bethesda
meshes, with just the change done to one side of the face. Mostly,
this makes it possible to have a sign with writing that will display
correctly, as shown in the Lucky Lockup tavern banner screenshots.

There are 73 meshes total, along with 35 associated animation
meshes for the exterior banners. I grouped the meshes into different
folders so you can more easily pick the signs or banners you would
like to change. These should be self-explanatory and will help in
identifying the signs or banners of your choice.

When you install these, you may notice some of the changes are very
hard to spot. This will depend on the texture used, but the change
is there. Some banners are hung like tapestries, so you will only
see the one side. You may choose not to replace those banners for
that reason.

I have also noticed that the tapestries have the same reversed face
issue as the banners, but decided not to do them since only one side
is ever seen.

Unzip the file to a temp location. Choice the signs and banners you
wish to change and then just copy/paste the "f" or "x" folder to
your Data Files/Meshes directory.

Bethesda for the meshes
Myself for the fix

1.0 - Possibly no updates


However,if you are using Unique Banners and Signs by Bart Notelaers,
you will need to rename the meshes you want to change to match his.
You will also need to change the texture used by the mesh, as these
use the default textures.
All other banner or sign mods I could find were texture replacers
only and will not be affected by this change.

Useage & Priveleges
As these are Bethesda original meshes, you are free to use them as
directed by Bethesda.

You may redistribute this mod in part or in it's entirety. If you
make no changes to the mod, do not take credit for it, only take
credit as the uploader. If you change the mod and upload it, you
may take credit, but mention of the original author would be
nice, but not necessary.

email: [email protected]

or leave a comment at the mod site.
username at PES & TesNexus: ddfields