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Added: 12/07/2011 - 10:48AM
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Natural Healing v1.0
By: Smoke

This mod lets you slowly regenerate health, the more you are damaged, the slower you regenerate health, the less you are damaged the faster you regenerate..

It has been tested, and is pretty well balanced, it should not become a cheat at any level, or health amount..

Adjusting Regeneration

I have made the regeration adjustable, so if you find the default value to be too slow, or too fast you can change it to suit your needs..

This is accomplished via a global variable..

In the console type Set BP_NH_Rate to x.xx

The lower the number, the slower you regenerate.

Default Value= 0.05

So to make it slower try "Set BP_NH_Rate to 0.025"..

Experiment to find a value that suits your taste.. Just be sure you keep it in float format(ie, 0.00)..

Enjoy the mod.