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An HD recreation of the original Intro Cinematic.

Permissions and credits
Click the Video tab to watch on Youtube!

Please make sure to download the version that corresponds to your aspect ratio!

HD Intro Cinematic Replacer
Author: Chesko
Contact: [email protected]


This is a replacement for the original intro cinematic, faithfully re-shot and edited to capture the spirit of the original video. Very little artistic license was taken, with some minor exceptions.

At the time of shooting, over 200 mods were running in my build of Morrowind. However, the ones visible in the video are:

Morrowind Graphics Extender rev186 (SM3.0 Water, dynamic ripples)
Animated Grass (Vality, Yacoby, Liztail)
Connary's Textures
Vurt's Bitter Coast trees (and I believe some of Ashlands Overhaul)
Better Bodies (Psychodog Studios)
Better Heads (Gorg, Arathrax, Motoki)
Weather Packs by StarWarsGuy
New Moons by doccolinni
"On the Rocks!" by Taddeus

Thank you to the artists who contributed to making Morrowind a better looking place. If I mistakenly omitted crediting your work, please accept my apologies and email me so I can add you to the list.


You MUST be using Morrowind Code Patch 1.9+ by Hrnchamd, and have "High-def cutscene support" enabled! If you do not, your game will crash immediately upon loading the video.

You must also be running a fairly modern PC (1.5GHz+), or playback may stutter or have other problems.


1. Copy the contents of the archive into your morrowind\Data Files directory. This archive is safe to install via Wrye Mash.
2. MAKE A BACKUP of your original video, located at morrowind\Data Files\Video\mw_intro.bik
3. Rename the file you unzipped to "mw_intro.bik".


Huge thanks to:

*Hrnchamd for lending his expertise in adding support for this in the MCP.
*papill6n and rhymer, for all of their translation assistance.
*all of the artists mentioned above whose work is featured in the video.




The original video files were shot at 1920x1200 as uncompressed AVIs. The video was cut and edited in Adobe Premiere Pro CS5 and encoded with the Bink encoder from RADTools. Bink was also used to scale the video down to be more suitable for playback in Morrowind. The final resolutions are:

4:3 960x720

A 1080p version of the video can be viewed on Youtube.