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Replaces most of the worthless cast on use enchantments in the game with appropriate constant effects, for a more Oblivion like experience.

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Cast on use enchantments suck, plain and simple. I could try to explain why, but if you don't get it already I'm not going to convince you now. Bethesda wisely chose to remove this enchantment type from Oblivion; this mod aims to correct their mistake in Morrowind by changing most of the stock cast on use enchantments in the game to an equivalent constant effect.

You can still make your own cast on use enchantments if you want, but the vast majority of the quest rewards and enchanted loot you find will no longer be useless crap that you sell off or throw away immediately.

Most of the enchantments have been reduced in effectiveness in order to preserve game balance. To give you an idea of how I've balanced things, the constant effect items that were in the game originally are much more powerful than the vast majority of the effects introduced by this mod, so they should stand out almost as much as they did before. I've included a spreadsheet with all of the changes so you can look over them yourself if you want.

Some enchantments that would not work or would break the game as constant effects were left unchanged, such as on touch and target effects, or invisiblity.

This mod should go especially well with BTB's Settings plugin, where the inability to make your own constant effect enchantments makes the constant effect quest rewards and loot you find that much more special.