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To all Downloaders: Disclaimer: Hello. This is Dimon. I am not a modder. I stink at modding. I am only the messenger boy. I am a submitter. I do not changer or alter these mods at all. I upload them as is. I respect the modders who did these and keep it as is. As you can see, this is not my mod, nor did I do anything to it. I am only the d

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To all Downloaders:


Hello. This is Dimon. I am not a modder. I stink at modding. I am only the messenger boy.
I am a submitter. I do not changer or alter these mods at all. I upload them as is.
I respect the modders who did these and keep it as is. As you can see, this is not my mod, nor did I do anything to it.
I am only the delivery boy. So without further adu, here's the mod:

This mod was made by Cortex

This file is in .zip format

For new users:
This requires winzip to use. Get it from

This is the perfect compliment to a vampire character or a necromancer. Ever want to shapeshift? Now is your chance. This spell lets you change into a variety of creature/monsters from the game. For the vampires, you can turn into mist and a bat form. Of course, normal characters can use this also. Another feature of this mod is the "spell stealing" aspect. You can supposedly rip spells from other people's heads.

Version 1.5
Author Cortex
Bat Model Lady Eternity

To install the plugin, unzip the files into the Morrowind\Data Files
This should automatically put these files into these directories:
Morrowind\Data Files\Scripted_Spells.esp
Morrowind\Data Files\Scripted_Spells_Readme.txt
Morrowind\Data Files\Sound\Emb\bat_left.wav
Morrowind\Data Files\Sound\Emb\bat_moan.WAV
Morrowind\Data Files\Sound\Emb\bat_right.wav
Morrowind\Data Files\Sound\Emb\bat_roar.wav
Morrowind\Data Files\Sound\Emb\bat_scream.wav
Morrowind\Data Files\Meshes\Emb\emb_bat.NIF
Morrowind\Data Files\Meshes\Emb\xemb_bat.kf
Morrowind\Data Files\Meshes\Emb\xemb_bat.nif
Morrowind\Data Files\Meshes\Emb\emb_whitemagic_hit_ill.NIF
Morrowind\Data Files\Textures\bat.tga
Morrowind\Data Files\Textures\emb_whitevfx_greenball.tga
Morrowind\Data Files\Textures\emb_whitevfx_map02.tga

From the Morrowind Launcher, select Data Files and check the box
next to the Scripted_Spells.esp file.


Fixed problem where if you mind scanned one of the scripted spell sellers,
their spells would never leave the mind scan or mind rip spell list.



Transform into creatures that can be seen in 3rd person view.

Steal spells from enemies minds.

Add explosive damage to your attacks.

Create walls of fire and animated bones.

Game balanced: Great care has been taken to ensure spells cost enough magicka
for their power. Transformations disable hand held weapon use and most spellcasting.
Wall spells require strategy to be effective. Stealing spells is a crime unless they
attacked you first.

This mod adds new spells created through scripting and new npc's who sell them.


Mages guild- Ald-ruhn mages guild
Telvanni- Sadrith Mora (she is outside shopping at the market)
Vampire Clan Aundae - Clan Aundae headquarters near their leader
Vampire Clan Berne - Clan Berne headquarters near their leader
Vampire Clan Quarra - Clan Quarra headquarters near their leader
Vampire - Pelagiad Halfway Tavern during night time hours

The mortal NPC's teach you if you are a member of their faction.
The clan vampire NPC's teach you after you have done the first quest of their clan.
The non clan vampire teaches vampires after you have done a small quest for her.


The metamorphosis spells lasts 60 seconds.
The form spells are permanent until you cancel them.
This means you could fly all the way to Solsheim with a single casting of bat form.
You can cancel the transformation by casting the Cancel Transformation spell
which requires no magicka.
Low cost vampire versions of the bat, mist and wolf spells exist from vampire npc's.
Werewolfs receive low cost werewolf versions of black, brown, white wolf spells when they
first cast the normal version of that spell.

-------- -----------------
AlitGood jumper +50% acrobatics, good bite damage
Bat Flys fast and long distances. No attack
Bear (grizzly) +60 strength, high damage
Bear (cave) +80 strength, high damage
Bear (polar) +100 strength, high damage
BoarFast runner, Very powerful charge (thrust) attack
CliffracerFlys and can also attack (use 1st person mode to attack)
Guar (wild) Massive carrying capacity
Guar (pack) Slower but even more carrying capacity
Guar (white) Massive carrying capacity
KagoutiLarge carrying capacity, good charge (thrust) damage
Kwama foragerSmall size
Kwama warrior
MistFly, 100% imunity normal weapons, 50% chameleon, No attack
MudcrabCan breath both air and water but very slow
Nixhound Good speed for low magicka cost
Rat Small size
Reikling riding a boarFast runner, fast Very powerful charge (thrust) attack
Scamp Resist shock 50%, poison 75%, frost 50%, fire 50%
Scrib Small size
SlaughterfishBreaths water but has difficulty on land
Wolf (black) Fast and tireless runner with a very fast bite
wolf (brown) Same as a black wolf
wolf (white) Same as a black wolf
wolf (hell hound) Deadly fast fire bite and imune to fire
wolf (dire wolf)Deadly fast shock bite and imune to shock
wolf (winter wolf) Deadly fast frost bite and imune to frost

Natural weapons attacks like bite use the handtohand combat skill:
It may seem to use the shortblade skill but actually it is the hand to hand
skill that is used and increased. This is how it works:
When you transform, your handtohand skill is copied into your shortblade skill.
Any increases in skill are applied to your handtohand skill.
When you transform back your shortblade skill returns to its old value.


These rip spells from the minds of your enemies teaching them to you.
This causes permanent brain damage to your victim and saves you money.
Each spell has touch range.

To use these, cast the spell on the npc, wait about 1 second for them to be
affected by the spell, then press spacebar on the npc within the 5 seconds duration
of the spell.

They consider it an attack for all these spells except the passive brain scan.

If someone spots you useing these spells they can report the following crimes:
Assault - Using any of these spells (except passive brain scan) unless the target
attacked you first.
Theft- Stealing spells unless the target attacked you first.

Once their brain has become too badly damaged you will no longer be able to
access any more of their spells.

Occasionally during a combat a target may become too angry for mind rips to work
on them.
When this happens the message "This characture is in combat" will appear.
If this happens, waiting for 3 days will reset their fight setting so you can try again.

These spells were invented by the arch lich Zahnodram who was rumored to keep
wizards alive for days in his dungeons contineously stealing their spells and
then healing their minds with restoration magics.

Brain Scan (active) - Allows you to check what spells they have.
Brain scan (passive) - As active scan but they dont consider it an attack.
Mind rip I - Steal spells up to a total value of 100 gold.
Mind rip II - Steal spells total value 200 gold
Mind rip III- Steal spells total value 400 gold
Mind rip IV - Steal spells total value 800 gold
Mind rip V - Steal spells total value 1600 gold
Mind rip VI - Steal spells total value 3200 gold


These last 60 seconds.
Each attack you make with a weapon or hand to hand causes an explosion.
These spells are designed to be used together.
If you cast all of them there isn't much that can withstand your attacks.
Explosive strike spells do NOT yet work while you are transformed.

Explosive Strike - Fire Explosion of 1-20 fire damage
Explosive Strike - FrostExplosion of 1-20 frost damage
Explosive Strike - paralysis Explosion of 1 second paralysis
Explosive Strike - poison Explosion of 1-20 poison damage
Explosive Strike - ShockExplosion of 1-20 shock damage


Each type of wall comes in 5 ranks, so a rank 5 wall of fire does 100 damage per second.

Wall Range Allows you to set the distance walls will be created
from you.

Walls of fire Damage (20 x rank)
Duration 60 seconds

Health (100 x rank) for each block of ice
lose one health per second.
Take double damage from fire.
Enemies will attack them to get to you.

Walls of bone Health (20 x rank) for each skeleton
Damage (1 to 4) x rank
Duration 60 seconds
This means a rank 1 wall skeleton is half as powerful
as a normal summoned skeleton.
A rank 2 is equal to a normal summoned skeleton.
A rank 5 is two and a half times as powerful
as summoned skeleton.



Cancel Transformation 0 Instant
Alit Metamorphosis25 60
Alit Form50 Unlimited
Bat Metamorphosis 40 60
Bat Form 80 Unlimited
Bear (Grizzly) Metamorphosis 60 60
Bear (Grizzly) Form 120 Unlimited
Bear (Cave) Metamorphosis 80 60
Bear (Cave) Form 160 Unlimited
Bear (Polar) Metamorphosis100 60
Bear (Polar) Form200 Unlimited
Boar Metamorphosis60 60
Boar Form 120 Unlimited
Cliffracer Metamorphosis50 60
Cliffracer Form 100 Unlimited
Guar (wild) Metamorphosis 25 60
Guar (wild) Form 50 Unlimited
Guar (pack) Metamorphosis 25 60
Guar (pack) Form 50 Unlimited
Guar (white) Metamorphosis 25 60
Guar (white) Form 50 Unlimited
Kagouti Metamorphosis30 60
Kagouti Form60 Unlimited
Kwama forager Metamorphosis15 60
Kwama forager Form30 Unlimited
Kwama warrior Metamorphosis25 60
Kwama warrior Form50 Unlimited
Mist Metamorphosis50 60
Mist Form 100 Unlimited
Mudcrab Metamorphosis10 60
Mudcrab Form20 Unlimited
Nixhound Metamorphosis 15 60
Nixhound Form 30 Unlimited
Rat Metamorphosis 15 60
Rat Form 30 Unlimited
Reikling Boar Metamorphosis 100 60
Reikling Form 200 Unlimited
Scamp Metamorphosis 40 60
Scamp Form 80 Unlimited
Scrib Metamorphosis 10 60
Scrib Form 20 Unlimited
Slaughterfish Metamorphosis30 60
Slaughterfish Form60 Unlimited
Wolf (Black) Metamorphosis 40 60
Wolf (Black) Form 80 Unlimited
Wolf (Brown) Metamorphosis 40 60
Wolf (Brown) Form 80 Unlimited
Wolf (White) Metamorphosis 40 60
Wolf (White) Form 80 Unlimited
Wolf (Hell Hound) Metamorphosis 80 60
Wolf (Hell Hound) Form 160 Unlimited
Wolf (Dire) Metamorphosis 80 60
Wolf (Dire) Form 160 Unlimited
Wolf (Winter) Metamorphosis80 60
Wolf (Winter) Form 160 Unlimited

Vampire Bat Metamorphosis 20 60
Vampire Bat Form 40 Unlimited
Vampire Mist Metamorphosis 25 60
Vampire Mist Form 50 Unlimited
Vampire Black Wolf Metamorph 20 60
Vampire Black Wolf Form 40 Unlimited
Vampire Brown Wolf Metamorph 20 60
Vampire Brown Wolf Form 40 Unlimited
Vampire White Wolf Metamorph 20 60
Vampire White Wolf Form 40 Unlimited
Vampire Charm Mortal112 30
Vampire Flight 22 30

Werewolf Black Wolf Metamorph 20 60
Werewolf Black Wolf Form40 Unlimited
Werewolf Brown Wolf Metamorph 20 60
Werewolf Brown Wolf Form40 Unlimited
Werewolf White Wolf Metamorph 20 60
Werewolf White Wolf Form40 Unlimited

Wall Range0 Until changed
Wall of Fire I 40 60
Wall of Fire II80 60
Wall of Fire III 120 60
Wall of Fire IV 160 60
Wall of Fire V200 60
Wall of Bones I40 60
Wall of Bones II 80 60
Wall of Bones III120 60
Wall of Bones IV 160 60
Wall of Bones V 200 60

Brain Scan (active) 205 plus dialog
Brain scan (passive) 405 plus dialog
Mind Rip I 405 plus dialog
Mind Rip II 805 plus dialog
Mind Rip III 1205 plus dialog
Mind Rip IV1605 plus dialog
Mind Rip V 2005 plus dialog
Mind Rip VI2405 plus dialog

Explosive Strike - Fire 40 60
Explosive Strike - Frost40 60
Explosive Strike - Paralysis 60 60
Explosive Strike - Poison 40 60
Explosive Strike - Shock40 60
Explosive Strike - Fire 40 60

The vampire transformations are the same as the mortal versions except they
cost half the amount of magicka and automatically succeed. This is because vampires
are better at changing into bats, mist and wolves than mortals.

As in daggerfall, Vampire charm mortal and vampire flight are low cost versions of
the standard mortal spells charm mortal and levitate.
As it is flight not levitate, the vampire version doesnt give a purple glow.

The werewolf transformations are the same as the mortal versions except they
cost half the amount of magicka and automatically succeed. This is because werewolfs
are better at changing into wolves than mortals.


1. It is very hard to fight in 3rd person mode if transformed into a large creature
like a guar, bear or cliffracer. I lower the model in combat to try to make it easier.
2. Many transformations are best used outside as they are too clumsy for
easy indoors movement unless in 1st person mode.
3. Any transformation may jump in and out when in 3rd person mode if you
have a very slow framerate. Slow framerates may be due to a low end
machine, or may be due to another mod that attempts to do too much each frame.


Scripting by Cortex
Bat model by Lady Eternity
Thankyou to all the great scripters who have posted useful information
in the forums, GhanBuriGhan's manual and other places.


Contact Information
You can contact Cortex on the forums.



There will be future versions so please don't release this mod within another mod,
or release modified versions of this mod as this will cause people problems
installing later releases of this mod.

Permission is granted to use everything from the scripted_spells.esp file in your mods
providing you follow these 3 steps:
1. Rename EVERYTHING that you copy from the scripted spells mod.
2. There must be nothing in your mod starting with "vmet_" or "emb_".
This means you will have to rename all the scripts, global variables and
anything else you copy from the scripted spells mod.
The renaming is to ensure compatibility.
3. Permission is NOT granted to copy the models, textures or any other files included
with this mod. You must contact their creators for their permission.

Doing transformations in your mods:
There are possible 2 ways to do this:
1) copy the scripts etc into your mod renaming everything you copy as required above.
2) Call the scripts from your mod making your mod require my mod.
An example of this is Sabregirls "Hazaeki Shapeshifter Race" mod.

Permission is granted to host this mods zip file on other mod sites providing the
zip file is not altered in any way.



Vampire Embrace 2.2
A balanced roleplaying mod for vampires.
Embrace NPC's converting them into vampires who can follow and fight for you.
NPC's will talk and serve you at very high dispositions.
Take part in every quest in the game.
Persuade or charm NPC's to make them speak with you.
Convince mortal NPC's to donate blood to you.
Mortal NPC's learn to enjoy giving blood after time.
Bite people in combat and drink their blood.
Enslave victims (unwilling mortal blood donars) through combat.
Give victims a presents to your vampire NPC's to devour to raise the vampires disposition.
Create thralls (your loyal mortal servants).
Fast travel safely during the daytime.
Bury your vampires to keep them safe from the sun.
Your vampire NPC's can transform into bats and wolves once you learn the spell.
Access your NPC's inventories.
Combat Strategys
Tell you vampires to meet you at various locations around Morrorind including Mournhold.
Improved following AI so your vampires will never become stuck when following you.
You can choose how much npc's hate vampires in your game.

Vampire Werewolf 1.1
Allows vampires to become werewolves.
Allows werewolves to become vampires.
Fixes the vampire werewolf head bug.
Does nothing else.

Werewolf Evolution 1.0
A balanced mod for werewolves.
Makes werewolf attributes and skills depend on their value in human form plus a bonus,
instead of them having fixed values that don't change irrespective of how strong
or weak you are in human form.
The bonuses are calculated so that a person with 50 in each of his human attributes and skills
will become a standard bloodmoon werewolf.

Werewolf Evolution is very good for users of Vampire Werewolf as it will make the vampire and
werewolf bonuses stack.