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| Papill6n various graphics things |

Author: Papill6n
Version: 1.2

1. Description
2. Installation
3. Version History
4. Credits
5. Contact

1. Description

This page contains all my creations/modifications of textures/meshes for the play Morrowind.

I love Morrowind, his atmosphere, the origin graphics of the game.
But the game has ages and its textures appear from now on in a coarse way on our screens 24 inches :D

But especially after years, there are still some textures of the game which were never retextured thus I am occupied (some).
And I also retextured certain things by testing the remained faithful ones to vanilla's textures.

P.s: sorry for my poor english I'm a native french speaker.

2. Installation

To install, simply open the folders which interest you and copy the folders (meshes, textures, ..) into the "Data Files" folder of your game Morrowind.

3. Version History
* fixed some new exteriors daedric ruins (included and fixed two exterior daedric ruin's meshes from the mod "Correct Meshes")
* add the graphics things :
- Cork bulb
- Soulgems
- DarkUI new main menu

* fixed the bellow's mesh which was slighty too high in his axis
* includes the pillow textures for the hammock's pillow
* correct some typos
* add the graphics things :
- Fabric on the imperial altar (with a variant version for a more vannila colour)
- Emperor Parasol + AC trees
- Broom
- Landscapes and grounds

v1.0 initial release

4. Credits

Thanks to TrueRevan for his bugs reports ^^
Lestat DeLioncourt, for some textures of his wonderful Reloaded's mods.
Kaucukovnik VI, for some textures of his mod "Vvardenfell Landscapes".
Ayse, Lord Gabryael, Qarl, Raptre, & Zuldazug, for some textures of their mod "Morrowind Visual Pack v3.0RC1".
Masoxx, for three textures of his mod "Extremes Parasols".
Plangkye, for four textures of her mod "Hi-Res Telvanni Textures".
Kieve, for one texture of his mod "Telvanni Shrooms".
Nich & CJW-Craigor for their mod "Correct UV trees" (include for the mushrooms stuff ^^)
Nangsid, for his base texture for my retexture of the fabric on the imperial altars.
Alaisiagae, for her mesh from "Longboat mesh sail fix"
AOF, for his rope texture from his mod "AOF Containers"
Tronvillain, for his smoothed meshes: furn_spinwheel00.nif, furn_spinningwheel_01.nif, furn_kneeling_stool_01.nif, misc_bellows10.nif
Vurt, for his emperor parasol, bridge rope, silt strider's texture.
Plangkye, for her texture "" from his mod "Better Almalexia"
Mixed these three mods with somes tweaks from me (textures and meshes) to make a real Vanilla correct Soulgems replacer :
* Eart Wyrm => "Souly Soulgems(!)"
* Infectious Moon & NelothsMouth => "Soul Gem Replacer Retextured V.1.00"
* Jericho, Lokichan & Lord Alex => "Better Soul Gems V2.0"
Ej-12, for the broom's mesh
Connary, for his rope woven's texture
Sir Bob, for his inital main menu texture.
Tarius, for his mesh 'furn_com_chair_01.nif' and his texture modified by me '' from his mod "Better Meshes plus Optimization".
ZWolol, for his two meshes 'Ex_Dae_Ruin_02_Skew' and 'Ex_Dae_Ruin_Entry.Max' from his mod "Correct Meshes", that I have fixed.
Bethesda, for creating a game that I love and want to contibute to.

5. Contact
You can contact me on the Bethsoft's forum =>