Carnithus Armamentarium Complete by Carnithus
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Hello. This is Dimon. I am not a modder. I stink at modding. I am only the messenger boy.
I am a submitter. I do not changer or alter these mods at all. I upload them as is.
I respect the modders who did these and keep it as is. As you can see, this is not my mod, nor did I do anything to it.
I am only the delivery boy. So without further adu, here's the mod:

This mod is made by Carnithus.

This mod is in .zip format.

To new users: You will need to download WinZip. You can get it from

This mod adds many new sets of armor to the game. They are gothic in design. This is the complete edition, so be aware this includes all the subquential add ons. Have fun!

TELENOTES: "Description" and "Installation" fields of this readme have been altered by Telesphoros. All 3 original readmes are included in the "Readme" folder.


Title: Carnithus’ Armamentarium New Game Complete

Author: Carnithus

Requirements: Tribunal -and- Bloodmoon

Description: This is the "complete" version of Carnithus’ Armamentarium for those wishing to start a new game or have never installed the mod before. It combines the original Carnithus' Armamentarium, as well as Addon I and Addon II. The Armamentarium is now located in the Molag Amur region from the outset. Carnithus’ should no longer equip items (except for robes) that you sell him. Even if he does equip an item he should reset when you reenter the Armamentarium. The music will now continue to play while you browse the Armamentarium, and will end when you leave even if you teleport out. The Chain Maiden Armor and clothes are for Better Bodies only.

NOTE- If you have an older version of Carnithus' Armamentarium installed, then you will need to download Addon II and follow the instructions.

Credits: Credits for Meshes/Original Textures: Rhedd, Arathrax, Don Salus, Mykul, Adul, Soulshade, Maboroshi Daikon,
Aedroth, Dongle, Silaria, Daduke, Niero, Snakebitten, PhyntoWasp, KTX Hurdy Gurdy, Sabergirl, Ashemanu, Neoliv, Durgoth,
Ian, Cenobite.
If I forgot anyone I sincerely apologize.

Special Thanks to Daduke for the meshes he made for this MOD and to Dongle for the lutes.

Special thanks to Jaxalot for the new music script.

All textures modified or created by Carnithus. All other aspects by Carnithus.

BIG thanks to Ashemanu, Sabergirl, and Jaxalot for beta testing.

Intallation: Extract to your Bethesda/Morrowind folder. (NOT YOUR DATA FILES FOLDER!)

Check the NG_New_Carnithus'_Armamentarium.esp file and start playing.

Permission: Many people have asked me permission to use my work. I will not be returning anymore e-mails about this issue.
I can’t control who or how many people will use it, so let me just say this. Go ahead and use it. The only thing I ask is
that the MOD has some kind of substance to it, and is not just about the items. I also ask that you RENAME ALL the mesh,
texture, and editor IDs. This is important because I have and will update textures and meshes with my releases. I don’t
want older files that you may be using to overwrite newer ones that I have released if your MOD is installed at a latter
time. Finally please be sure to give me the proper credit, and maybe even add a link to my site in your readme file. Thanks.

For down loads, screen shots, news, comments and to report any problems come to my site.

Journey well!