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Update v1.3
I apologize for the long hiatus. Several important fixes:
1. Auto-Quicksave works like a charm now, after completely restructuring it. I playtested this plugin for over 90 hours (a complete playthrough) and noticed no crashes related to this plugin.

2. Fixed the "array index out of range" error that some users were experiencing.

Important Note: I no longer detect your Quicksave key. It is now hardcoded to be F5, the default. The "array subscript" error listed above was related to a bad registry read I was attempting, which I am no longer doing. Hopefully this does not affect many users.

To update from an existing version of AutoMW, please delete AutoMW.exe and AutoMW Data Files from your morrowind directory, along with the 3 plugins that come with the download (all 3 begin with AutoMW_). Install this version according to the instructions below. Make sure to use a savegame that has never used Auto-Quicksave before, or you will continue to experience issues. Cleaning AutoMW_AutoQuicksave.esp from your savegame using Wrye Mash also works.

Thanks and Enjoy,


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Hey everyone! Today I finally get to take the lid off of a project that has been 6+ months in the making, and I'm glad to be able to put it in your hands. It's called AutoMW, an (open source!) utility for Morrowind.

The big problems I aimed to solve with this project are

  • the twitchy pace of combat,
  • create an Auto-save system that makes sense (and that you can configure)
  • make Morrowind Enhanced a more organic, automatic experience

A sore point with Morrowind has always been the combat system, and while Aerelorn's Morrowind Enhanced went a (very) long way towards making a more interesting experience, I felt there was still a lot of room for improvement. Since MWE is closed-source, I decided to write something that would interact with Morrowind and MWE from the outside. I hope someone comes up with a cool idea and is able to implement it through this toolset.

AutoMW works off of a modular concept, allowing users to enable and disable the features they want or don't want. And each module included with AutoMW is highly configurable, so you can tailor each one to your own personal experience.

Currently, AutoMW ships with 3 modules already installed (and more already in the making):

Auto-Trance: This module automates Morrowind Enhanced v1.6, and puts the Trance function of Combat Enhanced on autopilot. You can set it to enter trance when you enter combat, and exit it when you leave combat (or put away your weapon!). It also enables Cinematic Slowdown: only activates for a few seconds when certain combos are performed, for a dramatic, bullet-time-like effect. No button pressing.

Auto-Quicksave: Implements a better auto-saving system. Uses the Quicksave slot to allow you to save on an interval (say, every 10 minutes), or save every cell change. It won't automatically save while you're in combat, by default.

Auto-Play: A dirt-simple module that simply presses the "Play" button on Morrowind's default launcher. A hassle saver for Steam users where this launcher is unskippable.

On top of this, AutoMW uses a Unified Launcher to let you launch all of your common utilities with a single click. FPS Optimizer, MWE, and MWSE Launcher all launch alongside Morrowind.

Install Instructions (VERY IMPORTANT):

You MUST have the following installed:

*AutoIT3, an automation / scripting engine for Windows. (Why do I have to install AutoIT3?) You can grab AutoIT3 right here. (Choose Full Install, and use ALL DEFAULT OPTIONS. VERY IMPORTANT ALL CAPS.).

*MWSE (either the MWSE Launcher or MGE Internal)

*Morrowind Enhanced v1.6 (older versions unsupported). Not a requirement, but very recommended as Auto-Trance requires it.

To install, just unzip the package anywhere on your computer. Launch AutoMW.exe and you're good to go! A short tutorial will help you set up AutoMW on the first launch.


AutoMW utilizes a plugin-like modules system you can use to write new modules for AutoMW! If you're interested in developing a module for AutoMW, head to the Module Authoring page of the website.

Personal Note

This is the biggest thing I've probably ever worked on, so please, tell me what you think. It's my way of giving back to a community that has given me so much over the years. I welcome all bug reports, complaints, and gripes :)


Hrnchamd: For fantastic testing, and MCP / MGE XE / legible fonts.

Aerelorn: For Morrowind Enhanced!

NZdawghaus: For the Splash Resource Pack.

GhanBuriGhan, Yacoby, melian, et al.: For writing "Morrowind Scripting for Dummies" (this book is targeted at my demographic)

Yacoby (again): For "Scripting With MWSE". The pipe example was unbelievably helpful.

Have fun!