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Morrowind ESP Cleaner for TES:III Morrowind


By Horatio a.k.a Dave Gallop

This program provides a quick and easy way to remove all "changed references" on objects, characters, ect., in a mod/plug-in, created by The Elder Scrolls: Construction Set, that is not different by any other respects to the same reference in the Master file.

So, it basically checks all altered references (identifide by an * ) in an Esp plug-in againts the references in the Esm Master file and removes those marked (*) references if they are identical to the Master File.

Why is this important?

Plugins/mods (ESPs) in general are meant to run on top of the Master file (ESM) which is the base information of the game and is never altered itself.
When using plugins for Morrowind ANY marked (*) reference in a plugin will take precedence over an older (dated) plugin's reference with the same Id. If the marked reference is purposely altered, it will be different than the master reference in the Master file (Esm). If the reference is changed by accident or on purpose but reverted back to its original state it will still remain marked (*). This is what is usually called a "dirty mod". Those references are not different to the Master file but ,since they are marked (*), they will override any other mod that is older that has a change that is intentional. Thus, the newer "dirty mod" with accidental changes will interfere with the intentional changes of an older mod. Using this program on plugins will clean them so only INTENTIONAL changes will remain.

ESM coversion.

Its use for modders converting an Esp to an Esm (Master File) is important since any object marked (*) will appear as a new,seperate object in-game once the Esp is an Esm.
NOTICE: Only Plugins that ADD objects to the game world make a good Esm. Any Plugin that alters and/or removes references from the Morrowind.esm will not make good Esms on there own. The altered reference will show up as a seperate object and the removed references will NOT be removed. A seperete Esp file is then required to to those functions. The Primary purpose of converting an Esp to an Esm is to overcome the Morrowind Esp "save game doubling bug". Esm files will not suffer from this bug.

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