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Adds a city in the sewers, with dungeons and quests.

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By Lord Dagobert
May 2011


The plague attacked the city of Ixtaxh. The survivors are now hidden in the sewers.
Unfortunately, the sewers lead to dangerous dungeons..
The citizens are looking for adventurers, strong enough to kill what's hidden in the
abandonned area...

The mod adds:
-A city in the sewers
-11 dungeons, all unique and beautiful. 2 of them are available in 2 levels of difficulty
-More than 20 quets
- A new insignia system, that will allow you to trade trophies for items (weapons,potions,clothing,etc)
-3 companions for the player
-1 house
-Random Dungeons system.
-Lots of new items
- More than 10 hours of gameplay

To go there, Talk to Dan-Ru, near Vivec's Siltstrider.

Important places:

The Trohpies Hunter -> Swamp Inn
Companions -> In front of the inn, go left
To go in the abandonned area, find the grate (north-west), just beside the Bountyhunter.
The abandonned area contains 10 dungeons.
The Random Dungeons Door is near the Bloody Thorns (south east).
If you want to come back, talk to Dan-Ru, on the boat. (Eastern part of the sanctuary)
The smith is near the Swamp Inn.

Diamond Mine
Glass Mine
Nix Lair
Shadow Cradle
Black Cult
Tide's Maw (available in 2 levels of difficulty)
The Hive
Wind's Reign
Plagued Swamp
Hunger's Lair
Bloody Thorns (available in 2 levels of difficulty)


Thanks to Qarl for the Blood textures/meshes/icons