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Adds an Home over Dagon Fel.

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Recomended mods:
  • Darker Morrowind V4

  • Location: Near Hla Oad in big cliff covered with trees
  • NEW midlle-sized floating city
  • Great view from highs
  • New transportation system
  • New traders and commoners
  • Great Underwater Views
  • Two Pets
  • Weaponsmith&Enchancter
  • Tavern and few commoner houses
  • Temple
  • Displaying Weapons
  • Kitchen with Beverage Collection
  • Elder Teleport Mark to Hideout (on table in Main Hall)
  • A Set of Shelves in Armory
  • Animated Fish
  • Many Containers
  • Incredible Attention to Details and Lights

Not Compatible with building mods who got the same spot of this player home.

!!!Please take all your items with you and create a clean save before every updating. This procedure is recommend to be done for every update.!!!

Put .esp file into your Original Morrowind Data Folder, if your asked to overwrite, select yes

Remove "Clean Hagrnat Eng ground.esp.ESP" from your Original Morrowind Data Folder

Bug Report via comments, PM or by email [[email protected]]

Thanks to Bethesda Softworks for Morrowind