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Gratuitous Violence Beta V.1.3 Readme

------What does this mod do?-------

The aim of this mod is to completely overhaul the combat system of Morrowind to be more deadly and realistic.
Although this overhaul is focused on combat, other subtle changes have been made to further improve realism and the overall Morrowind experience.
I still have many more features that I am wanting to put in which I will be slowly implementing as I get more time to mod.

Also Note: That this is a beta, therefore it is bound to have many bugs and balancing issues. I still have much work to do on the mod before I will consider it in a playable state.

-------Brand New Features-------

- (Sprinting) Sprinting is now integrated into Morrowind. The amount of fatigue that is burned while sprinting is directly tied to your Athletics skill. If you have your weapon drawn or if your fatigue is lower than 10 sprinting will be disabled.

- (Slower Backpedaling) This causes the player to move slower when running backwards which further prevents the player from fighting up close with projectile based weapons.

-------Gameplay Changes-------

- (Overhauled Strength Based Damage)
* The strength based damage multiplier has been upped to closely resemble Oblivion values so that fights are now much deadlier.

- (Overhauled Magicka System)
*There is now a constant Magicka Regeneration for all NPCs/Creatures as well as the PC that uses the exact same formula as Oblivion.
*All elemental magicka effects are now 50% stronger.
*All spells are now 25% more successful in order to help keep the spells on par with the new weapon system.

- (Overhauled Fatigue System)
*You'll now burn less fatigue than Morrowind's original system allowing you to worry less about your fatigue and more about the fight.
*Fatigue also regenerates quicker now in order to help you get back into the fight sooner.
*All in-game references to "Fatigue" have been changed to "Stamina".

- (Overhualed Striking)
*Now the only way to miss with a weapon is to physically miss your target just like in Oblivion.
*The striking angles have been adjusted to be more realistic which means you will have to aim better than before to successfully land a blow.

- (Overhauled AI)
*NPCs will now flee much further from you to avoid harm much like in Oblivion.
*Guards will now intelligently protect you when you are in danger as long as you are not a wanted criminal.
*NPCs and intelligent creatures can now follow you through cells during fights just as they can in Oblivion.

- (Overhauled Creatures)
*Smaller creatures are now much less annoying and will either remain passive to the player or flee on sight.
*Many of Morrowind's larger creatures now more closely resemble Oblivion's and are each now much more deadly than before.

- (Overhauled Combat Sounds)
*GV boasts over 100 new sound effects that have been meticulously implemented into Morrowind in order to bring Morrowind's combat sound effects to a level never acheived before by any other mod.

-------Skill Changes and Perks-------

- (Acrobatics)
*You can no longer jump once your fatigue gets below 10.

- (Athletics)
*Athletics has a much smaller affect on your character's running speed now in order to keep a the game better balanced with the new sprint feature however it is also now easier to increase.
*The minimum running speed has been increased to help rid Morrowind of the awful "slow-motion" running that is present in much of the earlier game.
** (Skill of 1-24) As a novice of Athletics you burn 40 more fatigue per second when sprinting.
** (Skill of 25-49) As an Apprentice you will burn 35 more fatigue per second.
** (Skill of 50-74) As a Journeyman you will burn 30 extra fatigue per second.
** (Skill of 75-99) As an Expert you will burn 25 fatigue per second.
** (Skill of 100 and Up) As a Master of Athletics you will have an extra fatigue burn of only 20 while sprinting.

- (Block)
*Blocking is now under the player's control.
*All shields have had their durability increased in order to help compensate for the increased amount of blocking that now occurs in the game.
** (Skill of 1-24) As a Novice of Block your character will not be able to reflexively block at all and will be severly slowed when blocking.
** (Skill of 25-49) As an Apprentice of Block your character will still be unable to reflexively block but will be have less of a speed decrease when blocking than that of a Novice.
** (Skill of 50-74) As a Journeyman your character will be able to reflexively block strikes 1-25% of the time and will be slowed only half as much as a Novice.
** (Skill of 75-99) As an Expert of Block your character will be able to reflexively block strikes 25-50% of the time and will be slowed about a quarter as much as a Novice when blocking.
** (Skill of 100 and Up) As a Master of Block, your character will always be able to reflexively block 50% or more of the strikes that are thrown at him/her and no speed decrease will incure when blocking.

- (Marksman)
*There is now a 95% chance to retrieve your projectiles from a corpse.
*All bows and crossbows have had their draw/reload speeds decreased in order to prevent them from being used as a melee weapon.
*All projectile speeds have been increased to help prevent the player from dodging long range shots.
** (Skill of 1-24) As a Novice you will suffer from fatigue burn when holding an arrow back.
** (Skill of 25-49) An Apprentice will no longer suffer from fatigue burn when holding an arrow back.

-------New Buttons-------

- ('Block' Button) Each time you push this button you will get a blocking bonus of 100. The bonus goes away if you attack with a weapon.

- ('Sprint' Button) This button allows you to sprint while draining fatigue at a faster rate.

You MUST choose which key you want to use for each button by equipping the new GV ring in your inventory and completing the configuration menu . If you don't pick a key for each of these you will NOT be able to use them in your game.


Morrowind, Tribunal, and Bloodmoon.

This mod also requires the newest version of Morrowind Script Extender. If you decide not to use Morrowind Script Extender, then this mod may not work as intended or even at all.

This mod also requires both the ""Game Formula Restoration"" and the "Swift Casting" modifications from the Morrowind Code Patch in order to help keep the new damage system balanced.

------Installation and Playing-------

Extract the rar archive file directly into your Morrowind/ folder. Make sure the main .esp is in the data files folder.

After that, check off Gratuitous Violence in your Morrowind Launcher.

This mod should work just fine with old saves.

To begin using the mod you will need to equip the new "GV Configuration Ring" that should be in your inventory upon first loading the mod.


Delete the "Gratuitous Violence.esp" file.

Delete the GV folder from your Morrowind\Data Files\Sound\Fx\ folder to remove the new sounds.

-------Known Issues-------


Pursuit Enhanced by Yacoby
Protective Guards by Fliggerty

*Bugs and Annoyances*

The game is now unbalanced for obvious reasons. I'm working on fixing this but it is a very slow process.
Agility is a pretty dead attribute now, save for the fatigue benefits.
Gaining points in weapon skills is less useful now.

-------Future Plans-------

Balance the mod, Fix the Bugs.

New Scripted Spell Effects (Like Frost Slowing Down Enemies).

Add New Spell Sound Effects

Blocking for Hand-to-Hand and Two-Handed Weapons.

Add visible weapon sheaths and quivers without screwing with the clothing slots whenever it becomes possible.




Complex Wounding System

Overhaul Hand-to-Hand Fighting

Add Fatigue Effects.

Add Unique Sprinting Effects.

Overhaul the Encumbrance System to be more Realistic.

Oblivion Styled Sneaking

Skyrim Styled Duels

-------Version History-------

Beta V.1.0 - Initial Release

Beta V.1.1 - Fatigue now drains when holding back a bow string as a novice of Marksman. The jump restrictions have been lowered to 10. Sprinting is now tied to the Athletics skill and will improve alongside it.
Bow damage has been increased, draw speed has decreased.

Beta V.1.2 - Hopefully fixed a very annoying CTD. Backpedelling has been slowed down even further. Blocking now slows down your movement speed a little. I've incorporated a personally modified version of Fliggerty's Protective Guards mod into GV. I've also incorporated a personally modified version of Yacoby's Pursuit Enhanced mod into GV.
Many of Morrowind's creatures have been changed to be more deadly much like their Oblivion counter-parts. The foundation for the new combat sound effects has been put in. The Warrior birthsign now increases strength by 10 points just as in Oblivion. The enchantment changes have been removed as they caused some severe balancing issues.
All elemental spells now do 50% more damage than before.

Beta V.1.3 - A few "Block" skill perks have been implemented. NPCs will now regenerate magicka in the exact same way as the PC. Fixed a bug that caused spell vendors to sell a few abilities that weren't supposed to be able to be sold. Removed many of the extra spell effect icons that the player saw in his/her HUD display.
Damage has been dropped slightly to increase fighting time a bit more. All spells are now 25% more successful.

NOTE: I want everyone to understand that I take no credit for creating the mods that were incorporated into this mod.

Bethesda, for creating an awesome game.
Stuporstar, for helping with the AI's combat script.
Fliggerty, for his Protective Guards scripts.
Yacoby, for his Pursuit Enhanced scripts.
NazoX9, for his creature mods.

-----Contact and Permission-----

You can contact me through the Elderscrolls forums as 'Wolvman'.

If you wish to use anything from this mod be sure that if it is something from an incorporated mod that you give the correct credit to that mod's creator (not me).
If you want to use anything from this mod you need to contact me and ask for permission. If I don't get in touch with you within a week you can go ahead and use it, but credit would be nice :) .