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Tired of having to go through Mournhold/Swimming to get between Vvardenfell and the mainland? Then this is the mod for you!

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I didn't like how access between Vvardenfell and the mainland was so limited, so I whipped up this mod to rectify that.
New NPC's have been added all over Morrowind to allow you to cross the Inner Sea more easily.

==Changes from V1==
This version is made to work with TR_Mainland.esm, as opposed to TR_Map1.esm and TR_Map2.esm.
This means that it will work with the lands of Map 3, and it'll mean that when TR Rebuilt releases new content,
this mod can just be updated rather than replaced. This version of the mod is totally new, so all the NPCs have been
replaced, as I deemed it easier to just start from scratch.

Note that for the Guild Guides, as Transport can only offer 4 destinations, and Vvardenfell has 5 Mages Guild halls,
I had to leave one out. As such, Mainland Guild Guides can't send you to Caldera, since I figured it was the smallest
town, so you were less likely to want to go to it. However, there's a Guild Guide in Caldera who can send you to the

==New Transport==
Guild Guide:
NPC                    Start                 Destination

Mabrel Hastien    Akamora           Balmora, Sadrith Mora, Ald-Ruhn, Vivec
Uramal Bagul      Caldera             Firewatch, Bal Oyra, Akamora, Helnim
Mania                 Ald-Ruhn           Firewatch, Bal Oyra, Akamora, Helnim
Gah-Ju               Balmora            Firewatch, Bal Oyra, Akamora, Helnim
Rabinna              Bal Oyra           Balmora, Sadrith Mora, Ald-Ruhn, Vivec
Ahasou Uvayn      Firewatch         Balmora, Sadrith Mora, Ald-Ruhn, Vivec
Ethaso Damori     Sadrith Mora     Firewatch, Bal Oyra, Akamora, Helnim
Siltal                  Vivec                Firewatch, Bal Oyra, Akamora, Helnim


NPC                      Start               Destinations
Pritia Facici          Bal Oyra          Dagon Fel, Tel Mora
Bragor                  Dagon Fel        Bal Oyra, Firewatch
Cirwen                 Darnim            Tel Branora, Sadrith Mora
Dralsa Aralen        Firewatch        Sadrith Mora, Tel Mora, Dagon Fel
Selvia Cedus         Helnim            Tel Branora, Sadrith Mora
Leonde Palenix     Sadrith Mora    Firewatch, Helnim, Darnim, Bal Oyra
Miaran Marend      Tel Branora     Darnim, Helnim
Dalam Vendal       Tel Mora          Bal Oyra, Firewatch, Helnim

Simply add the esp file to your Morrowind Data folder and activate in your Morrowind launcher.
Delete the esp.
TR_Mainland.esm (Version 14.08 or 15.10)