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  1. IlanSmolders
    • member
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    Is this mod supposed to duplicate your clothing or what? I get a set of common shirt, shoes and trousers for some reason
  2. kingwulf
    • member
    • 418 posts
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    Great Mod - works fine.

    By the way, log gives issue on new game;

    warning jailscript line 9, column 7 (elseif)
    elseif without matching if
    warning jailscript line 73, column 7 (elseif)

    also in jail i recieve;
    warning JailBedScript line 7, column 31 (player)
    ignoring extra argument
    warning JailBedScript line 8, column 38 (player)
    ignoring extra argument
    warning JailBedScript line 9, column 39 (player)
    ignoring extra argument
    warning JailBedScript line 10, column 32 (player)
    ignoring extra argument
    warning JailBedScript line 11, column 32 (player)
    ignoring extra argument

    elseif without matching if
  3. CelticWolf23
    • member
    • 28 posts
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    Cool mod always hated how you spawned outside the castle after choosing to go to jail
  4. Eldermaster28
    • member
    • 117 posts
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    I do really like this mod an I feel it sticks to the original feel of Morrowind, but it would be nice if there were a few more places to go to jail in Vvardenfell, for example if you go to jail in sadrith mora it sends you all the way on the otherside of the map to ebonheart, originally you would just serve you're time in wolverine hall even though there is no jail cell there it would be easier to spawn there again, an it would be interesting to go to some of the jails already made like in tel vos an vivec's jails in the cantons. All in all though a good mod.
  5. Daemonjax
    • supporter
    • 764 posts
    • 55 kudos
    All of these esps can break peoples games if they don't first remove the 72 GMSTs included in them.

    I'll compare this mod to Go To Jail by Arcimaestro Antares and report back.


    Both are cool.

    While this mod has less conflicts (specifically dbattackScript, which I can fix for myself), I prefer Arcimaestro Antares' version better because:

    1) It's more balanced: In AA's version, you get a death warrant if you escape. Alternatively, you can bribe/persuade your way out of some jails.
    2) It's more fleshed out: If your bounty is 1000-4999, you'll go to an Imperial Ebony Mine where you must do hard labor.
    3) It's more immersive: Guards throw you a piece of bread each day, and there's a NOM compatibility esp included.

    There's a lot of room for improvement in both. If I were to make a Go To Jail mod, I'd take some inspiration from Space Rangers 2 and how that game handled going to prison. Also, I'd use Arcimaestro Antares' mod as a base to save myself some work (why re-invent the wheel?), since he's cool about people including his work in new mods:

    "Feel free to use this mod as you wish. Just, inform me when you place it (original or modified) somewhere on web."

    He also has a bounty hunter mod (they come after you) which fits this theme:

    ... although the Seyda Neen Tradehouse cell in that esp seems to be corrupt, causing the bounty hunter to sometimes not spawn (it may cause other problems as well). That needs fixing (EDIT: fixed: ). So much potential in that mod... I may update it and make it available for download.

    My personal dbattackScript for use with Arcimaestro Antares' version (delays DB attacks until certain conditions are met, and no attacks while imprisoned):

    Do you plan on adding more to this mod? Probably not... 2011.
    1. LegoManIAm94
      • premium
      • 1,326 posts
      • 154 kudos
      GMST Removed
  6. harrytom
    • member
    • 26 posts
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    I would say BY FAR the most important thing about a jail mod is that u never lose primary or secondary skills. Going to jail for a quick level up is a exploit that breaks the later part of the game. Ether of those do that deamonjax? (btw the awser is this one here no but the one in this link
    yes, i would say that one is vastly better )
  7. HovoFedayi
    • member
    • 43 posts
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    Good mod for realism, works as it should.
  8. seldalore
    • supporter
    • 709 posts
    • 11 kudos
    This looks interesting, I'll give it a shot.