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Its a fully built Imperial wayshrine for Morrowind!

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The Elder Scrolls III
Imperial Wayshrine

by Tarius


1. Introduction
2. Installation
3. Credits & Usage
4. Contacts
5. Conflicts
6. My Mods



This is basically a resource of an Imperial Wayshrine. There are 2 peices, the wayshrine platform, and the wayshrine altar. In the showcase file, I made the platform a static and the altar an activator, although no script has been added to it(although I can almost garuntee one will be added in the future). The shrine has been added just outside Ebonheart. I suppose an interesting thought is to use the platform for other things besides a wayshrine.
This is a fully built, undamaged shrine. I will likely be making damaged versions in the not too distant future; so if you were thinking about doing it yourself, you still could and I guess it would save me the work of having to later on.
If you look at the .nif files, you will see the shrine platform looks ungodly complicated. Ironically, that was to make it simpler for me to make(although editing one column in Niskope will edit them all). If you decide to look at the number of poly's, you will notice quiet a few, that many I can garuntee will not effect performance as it didnt effect mine and I dont have a super computer, plus its not really in the high range anyway. The point is that this shrine is currently now more round then the Oblivion version, that having 30 faces per cylinder and this having 40(ignoring the columns) and the textures for it are higher resolution. This thing may just look better then the one from Oblivion. I suppose that was the point, to make this look good now so it doesnt have to be remade until much later if needed.
On a side note, I did try doing fake bump mapping for this, but doing that reached the current limit of my skills, and while I have the maps, they have not been added to this file or the meshes. I may figure out doing this sort of thing out at a later date.



To install, place everything in the Data Files folder, in the Morrowind directory.
(I am sure this is something you have seen a thousand times by now)



Me! Tarius! I did everything from scratch!
Ok aside from the mememe, you can use this as you see fit, you can use the textures as you see fit, if you want to change the mesh or the textures, you can do that without asking me. Since this is a resource, obviously you can add/use it to/with what you want without asking me. By now you should get that I dont care how you use this or what you do to it, you dont need my permission. All I care about is that you dont take credit for something you didnt do.
I will say that while I wouldnt stop you from doing it, I would be annoyed if someone decided to use this for Oblivion, you have your own mesh and textures darnit! hah



If there is any need to contact me, please do so via the email allowed by this site or message me on the Bethesda forums under the same name of Tarius.

Hopefully this is all I need to say.


5. Conflicts

None, dont think anyone added a wayshrine before now. The showcase file might have one if something is right where I put the shrine in it. Its somewhat unlikely that the IDs for the shirne are the same as any others.

6. My Mods

You can find my mods on PES and a couple on TES Nexus.
The list is slowly growing.