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A small pack of 5 housepods in various locations across Morrowind. Includes a pod on Solstheim and one in Tamriel Rebuilt. Small, simple houses.

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This mod is a packet of small housepods. The housepods have beds, tables and shelves, along with some minimal decor and LOTS of storage space. These are simple houses, so they have no teleporters or mannequins or anything fancy or scripted. They are also all accessible by walking or swimming and don't require fancy potions or spells to get into and navigate. The housepods have no clutter except a pillow, so they're waiting for you to fill them up! The housepods are quite dark inside so you can actually light them up with your candles and lanterns.

Each ESP adds on one housepod in a different location around Morrowind. Housepodpack.esp is a merged version of all five of these, so if you want all 5 pods but not 5 different ESPs, use this one. Don't use this at the same time as any of the others, though the five individual housepod ESPs can be used in any combination.

AshenHousepod.esp: A little freestanding one-room, two-floor housepod in the northern ashlands. Small, but a welcome respite from the ashstorms. Cell 0,16.

GrassyHousepod.esp: A larger housepod. Two rooms with two floors each, in the southern grazelands. This housepod is built into the side of a hill, but should be visible from all directions. Cell 11,8.

RockyHousepod.esp: The largest housepod. Two rooms with two floors each, though these are bigger rooms. The second floor in the second room is green for you to plant flora in (if you have any seed-based herbalism mod) or just put stuff on (if not). South-eastern Botheian Mountains Region (in Tamriel Rebuilt's finished content) close to the coast. It's built on a rock arch and should be quite noticeable. Cell 35,3. (Requires TR! Compatible with 16.09 and later.)

SnowyHousepod.esp: A small housepod, built on the southeastern coast of the Hirstaang Forest in Solstheim. One room with two floors, snuggled between two large rocks. The front door can be quite hard to get to if you approach from the water, but don't worry: this housepod has a backdoor accessible right from the water. Cell -19,17. (Requires Bloodmoon!)

SwampyHousepod.esp: A tiny housepod-- one room, one floor. Off the coast near the mouth of the Odai, this pod is only accessible by swimming out to the rock. It's very tiny, but suitable for even a level 1 or 2 character to start out with. Cell -5,-8.

HousepodPack.esp: This has all 5 housepods in it. Don't use this ESP with any of the others! You can use any of the other 5 in any combination, though.


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