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Having achieved the rank of ArchMagister on the very day my Stage III stronghold was complete, I was ready to be wowed. I had visions of Tel Naga dancing through my head. Then I walked inside. If you\'ve been here, you know what I mean. If you haven\'t, well...words can\'t do it justice. I felt like the entire Telvanni had put me here to keep

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Having achieved the rank of ArchMagister on the very day my Stage III stronghold was complete, I was ready to be wowed. I had visions of Tel Naga dancing through my head. Then I walked inside. If you've been here, you know what I mean. If you haven't, well...words can't do it justice. I felt like the entire Telvanni had put me here to keep me quiet. A nice out of the way summer home for the raving Outlander. I started with Neloth and then proceeded to kill every Telvanni member I could find, with the exception of those living in Tel Vos. No, I didn't save that game, but the satisfaction was there. Then I decided to change Tel Uvirith. In the words of the Bionic Man, "We can make you better. We have the technology."
I looked at this mod, from the beginning, with the attitude of it being Stage IV of my Stronghold. I tried to keep that theme throughout, but then I started adding to much and tweaking the things I added which meant I had to add more and so on. As a result, this thing took way longer than it should have. The Dungeon alone was scrapped and rebuilt three times as my concepts changed. Anyway, there you have it. However, Neloth would stab himself in the head if he saw this place, now.
All three levels have been expanded and modified. My goal was to not affect anything that was already standing, or any existing Uvirith Mod, because I didn't want people to have to move out to move in. With two exceptions, that has been achieved.

-:-:- What's new -:-:-

First off, you will see alot of new creatures in this Mod. Not unique creatures, but new to the Tower. You have no enemies within your home. If you want to kil them, do so, but they are not there to harm you. Without exception, they are guards, adapted to the areas under their care. Anything outside the Tower Lower, Upper, and Dungeon, is fair game, however.

Tel Uvirith, Tower Lower:
- Doubled in size both heighth and depth.
- Bottom floor of this has dropped five (5) feet to allow the higher ceilings and the grand staircase. If you have anything sitting on the floor in here, I would move it up a level to the bedroom with the two single beds.
- Six (6) niches recessed into the wall to allow for mannequins. I didn't put any in because I am partial to my Skeletal Mannequins Mod (heh!) and I didn't want to force them down your throat.
- Added a Steam Centurian companion with a Roman theme.
- Added two (2) new Centurian types. These are based on a fire theme. Neither of them move and they guard the stairs heading into the other areas of your tower.
- Enlarged the upstairs and added bookshelves and tables.

Tel Uvirith, Tower Upper:
- I deleted that annoying root wrap that made levitating from the table to your bedroom such a pain. If I could have used a machete in game, I would have. You can now jog upstairs, stand in the first room, and levitate EASILY to your bedroom or dining room. Also added a bookshelf to that first room. These are the only changes to the existing structure.
- Added a Mage's Study, worth of the ArchMagister. I really would like to go into more detail about this room, but there are alot of neat little features and items. Telling you what and where would only spoil the fun.
- Full set of Alchemical Jars, made by the Ghost himself, available in the Study.
- Inscription Desk, stocked with all the basics to get you started and book to point you on the way.
- Added a trophy room with all the tables and niches that makes the vain adventurer in all of us happy. Interesting statue in here. It's worth a good look.
- All told, the Tower Upper has doubled in size.

Tel Uvirith, Tower Dungeon:
- As I said, this place has been the headache of my life. On the bright side, I am much better at scripting because of this place. :D
- This area has quintupled in size, but you won't know that unless you explore very carefully. Did I mention that a Quest starts on one of these three levels? :P
- So, for not giving anything away, I will tell you that you now have three slaves, like the good little Telvanni you are. Personally, I just set them all free and look at it as a free 2 coppers to my Twin Lamps Yule Fund.

-:-:- WARNING -:-:-

-:-:- WARNING -:-:-

- The dead female Dunmer in the dungeon is NO LONGER persistant. She will now decay, like a proper cadaver. Make sure you are not using her like a bottomless treasure chest before installing this mod. Barring that, you have about two (2) in-game days to clear the loot off of her.

-:-:- Other changes of note -:-:-

- Your Telvanni Mouth now dresses as befitting your station, rather than a guy getting a pint at the local pub. From my experience, his change of clothes usually requires a trigger. Accepting his Quest is the easiest way.
- New set of clothes, all in stylish black. Mwuahaha!
- Subtle Teleport to the Telvanni Council House in Sadrith Mora. The only thing I wil say about this is that you cannot pick it up. That should make it's location somewhat easier to find.
- This isn't the whole list of new gizmos and doo-dads, but it points you in the right direction. At the very bottom of this ReadMe, I will give the full Quest spoiler, for those of us that get really stuck or don't feel like dealing with it.

-:-:- Version History -:-:-

Version 1.2 is *NOT* compatible with version 1.0. This is due to renaming scripts and dialogue changes. If you have version 1.0 yet never used it, then version 1.2 should cause no problems.

Version 1.0
- Release.

Version 1.2
- Modified a great deal of dialogue, both for grammatical errors and logic issues. Too many instances where the dialogue just didn't make sense for the NPC it was attributed to.
- Modified journal entries to reference the corrected dialogue and corrected spelling errors.
- Azrohaelu should no longer wander into the lava and take a bath. This was killing the entire Quest for people because you would end up at a dead end when you couldn't speak to him.
- Sara will now share her Spellbook with you.
- Repaired the pathing in all 4 (four) cells. NPC's should no longer become stuck on walls or in hallways. This does not include Uvirith's Grave, because I want to leave the exterior alone with this particular mod. The only modification to the outside is via the door teleport to the interior.
- Increased the difficulty of the combat scene.
- Added more storage to the trophy room and removed the tables from the niches. This frees up those areas for armor mannequins.
- Replaced the dead Imperial woman with a custom NPC that is not persistant. This means you may want to loot her within 2 (two) days of installing this version to avoid losing everything on her.
- Increased the ambient lighting in the tower proper. (Tel Uvirith, Tower Lower and Tel Uvirith, Tower Upper)

-:-:- Known Issues -:-:-

- If you are running Uvirith Vault, you may need to delete the boulders in the basement, opposite the female Dunmer body, to access.
- Some people are missing the water from the underground lake. There is no possible reason that I can come up with for this and I have yet to be able to duplicate it. If you are running Uvirith Vault with this mod, I suggest setting the water level in Uvirith Vault to -3300. This *should* clear it up.
- Two of the custom icons are...lacking.