Playable Dremora Non Nude by Miltiades
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This is the Non Nude (underwear) version of the Playable Dremora. I realized I never uploaded this version to TES Nexus. Regular version is found here:

Once you were a powerful Dremora Prince. Respected by your kin and feared throughout the realms... But not anymore! Stripped of your power, abandoned, exiled and cast out of Oblivion for a mistake in the past has left you here; a mere mortal on the shores of Vvardenfell.

On the 27th of February 2003, Patches860 put out a request on the Elder Scrolls forums in order to play as a Dremora. Now, more than two years later we are proud to bring you the Playable Dremora v1.1 by The Dremora Team.

This plugin will allow you to play as a Dremora. It contains a total of 5 'male' and 5 'female' Dremora faces, a set of 4 uniform (interchangeable) hairstyles for each in several hair-colors, a bald 'hairstyle', one bonus hairstyle in red and a vampire face for the male and female. Next to that the Dremora will come with its own sound effects during combat, a starting class (Dremora Prince) and unique 'birthsign' (Oblivion) containing the Mark of Mehrunes Dagon.

Have fun playing as a Dremora!

(note: As PlanetElderScrolls was the only site listing this plugin, I thought it would be nice to host it here as well)