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8/6/13 - with this update there were a couple of fixes, mainly units not holding original position between round(they tried to follow you) that was fixed; and the reinforce enemy flag was fixed. make sure you delete the esp's from any previous version, reload your game, save it, clean it with wrye mash, before upgrading to the new merged plugin (though I'm sure you knew that) :D

with that are two new videos i made to help you guys out :D

completely redesigned battlefield - now an actual castle
- survival mode incredibly enhanced
- now 5 phases w/ hex edited menus for streamlined viewing
- upkeep phase
shows you current round, wave, and estimates expected oppsition; it then give you the repair and unit purchase menu which is now all random
- reinforcement phase
lasts a certain amount of time depending on your wave number; use this to set up your unit in strategic locations like the courtyard or archers/mages on the castle walls, set up flanks etc
- battle phase
let the battle begin and control troops like never before with all NEW orders; by default troops hold ground (for archers on walls, flanking parties etc), strategy is now crucial
- end phase
get your spoils and you now receive a total score that calculate how many reward tickets you receive at the end; unit are now PERSISTENT and are reset to their original position at the end of each round; with that units now gain XP based on kills and can become more powerful 'hero' units that glow at the next upkeep
- CONQUEST IS BETA use at your own risk ;p

Heads up everyone.. I wanted to let you know I finally have free time and am now working on this again.. And the last file I uploaded was sorta the temp when I meant to upload the actual 3rd version lol soo it didn't have any of lexas suggestions in it.. Oops, well I fixed it on about every site and this 'ultimate' version is on every site though it may go by just castle wars 3, theyve been updated. So please enjoy this mod and this incredible game, you know I'll be back here with status update so throw suggestions or requests my way if ya want :D oh and btw conquest mode may be buggy so I'd stick with survival which works like a charm thus far, of course go for conquest if you're feeling it lol


-Survival mode

-Over 32 unique units

-Dynamic levelling for a challenge to all levels

-Dynamically spawns enemies for epic battles

-Four radically different islands

-Ability to conquer territory

-Random encounters when in wilderness

-Operational War room in battlefield

-Resources generate from conquered territories

-Custom icons

-Revamped Battlefield

-Food needed every turn


-Naval Battles

-Construct buildings and train units

-Ship travel

-Expansive world for you to conquer and build

-Go door to door collecting 'taxes'

-Resources generate every 'turn'

-Train transport to island -train thanks to ghost of a persian

-Boss battles

-Large reward system, exchange tickets for rewards

-Research technologies -soon to be expanded to full technology tree

-War log with resources, map, turn, etc (overview)

-New Titans now ravage the battlefield, if your unlucky enough to come across one. Hold your ground or run, your call


Mod Summary
-Capture cities, construct buildings, train units, gather resources, research technology, and utterly annihilate your enemy.


Mods Tested Compatible thanks to WaveDog
- A Hermit's Request
- Abigail's Pet Shop v5.5
- Albaniar Prison
- Apprentice Scrolls and Mmystic Quills v1.4
- Annastia v3.3
- Assassin's Armory
- Balmora Council Club
- Battle Arena II
- Beasts of Burden: Necromancer
- Building Up Uvirith's Legacy
- Beyond YsGramor (with patch 1.5)
- Caves of the Bitter Coast v1.1
- Character Maker
- Cliff Racer Assortment
- Cliff Racer Burrow
- CM Partners 3.0
- CM Minor Quests
- CreaturesX
- Dagon Fel Well
- Death's Doorstep v3.3 (with death's doorstep add-on.)
- Deus ex Machina - A Steampunkyish Mod
- Dirty Deeds
- Enhanced Summoning
- Farmer Mod v4.0
- Fishing Academy v2.54
- Fliggerty's Armor Project (with patch 2.1)
- GIANTS Ultimate (with Feanor the Redguard's GIANTS ultimate bugfix.)
- Guarded Ghostgate
- Guild Salaries
- Havish (with Havish mini-patch.)
- Hostile Attackers 4.0
- Imperial City of Cyrodiil v1.00.6.1
- Improved Bartering
- Kiasyd's Magicka Regeneration
- Lexa's Dwemer Alchemy
- Lord of the Dragons
- Lothavor's Legacy
- Menace of the Deep
- Merchant Investments
- Mini-Mogs
- More Summoning
- Morrowind Comes Alive
- Mysterious Cave
- Myth and Murder
- Mzirthu
- Nemon's Vvardenfell Cooperation
- Nevena's Assistants and Apprentices
- Nightmare
- Nightveil
- Norn
- Oxthorpe
- Pegas Horse Ranch
- Privateer's Hold
- Piratelord's Trade Enhancements
- Reign of Fire v1.92
- Sandman101's Weapon Project Full (with patch v0.4)
- Scripted Spells
- Scripted Summoning
- Sea of Destiny
- Sentinel v1.4
- Sixth House v2.03
- Snakes on a Plane
- Sobitur Facility
- Stanegua Isle
- Summon More Monsters
- Suran Archery Tradehouse OR Suran Underworld (both are compatible with Castle Wars, just not with each other.)
- Tales of Seyda Neen
- Tales of the Bitter Coast
- Tales of Tel Branora
- Tamriel Rebuilt Map 1: Telvannis
- Tamriel Rebuilt Map 2: The Antediluvian Secrets
- Tamrielic Dragons v0.5
- The Battlespire v1.1
- The Black Queen Chronicles (with patch)
- The Dwemeri Secret
- The Ebony Blade
- The Forgotten Halls
- The Gambler
- The Golden Dragon (with fix)
- The Neverhalls
- The Sable Dragon
- The Tribe Unmourned
- The Undead
- The Underground 2 (with patch v0.7)
- The White Wolf of Lokken Mountain v2.1
- The Wilderness Mod
- Tombs Expanded
- Trimmed Down Morrowind
- Trouble At Sea
- Abot's Water Life
- Way of the Talon
- Weightless Marksman Items
- Welcome to The Arena! v4.5
- Werewolf Lairs
- Wizard's Islands (with snow fix and patch v1.05
- Wooden Shields
- Xenn's Marksman Overhaul

Incompatible mod(s)
- Morning Star Islands ->Thanks LordRuin

A big thanks to the ghost of a persian for creating the beautiul dwemer train.

Change log
V 0.8
V 0.9
-Alot of updates including more units and better islands
V 0.91
-Fixed elite adepts and the north and south islands can be taken over and generate resources with no glitches
V 0.94
-Now east north and south can be conquered and generate resources
-New random encounter system
-Remodeled certain cells
V 0.96
-New enemy demon has been released, do you think you have what it takes to defeat them
-Everything can be taken over
-Everything generates resources
-Cities are attacked
-All units purchasable
V 0.98
-Everything is optimized
-Remodeled battlefield
-Remodeled fort Stormreach
-Custom icons
-Lots of little things
v 0.985
-Resource chests replaced with gatherers
-Dead bodies now delete to improve performance
-Death count implemented
V 0.986
-Minor bugfixes
-Fixed fal_cwdead var from not reseting
-Fixed army not deleting after battle
V 0.989
-Huge update
-Naval War
-Buyable buildings
-Fixed so all things add to conquered count
-Fixed food when gamehour hits 0
-Remodeled cells
-New Miniquests
-Everything optimized
V 0.99
-Major bugfixes
V 0.991
-Minor bugfixes
V 0.993
-Reworked all resource scripts
-Fixed cells w/ floating/missing stuff
-Minor Bugfxes
-Fixed Gamehour 0 glitch
-Fixed pirate encounter not 'losing'
-Fixed turn counter script
V 0.995
-Huge update
-Fixed defending city script
-Fixed Lumber camp gatherer
-Completely new way to get to islands
V 0.999
-Last major update on beta
-Two new units, werewolves and vamps
-Can now be fully played, win and lose
-(Hopefully) all bugs addressed
V 0.999 10/30
V 1.0-1
-Lots of bugfixes
-Fixed recruitment scripts
-Fixed werewolves
-Fixed city attack script
-Fixed resource scripts to generate when not in adjacent cells
-Optimized scripts (again)
-10 Reward tiers
-Rewards now properly generate
-Updated dialogue and tutorial
-Rebalanced resources
-Numerous fixes to resource scripts, no longer keep resources from previous round
-Fixed cw experience gain
Updated readme, sorry Logorouge
-Numerous graphical tweaks
-New player home
-Improved train
-Repositioned islands
-Now compatible with Deus ex Machina, no more compatibilty issues between mods
-Starting location now outside seyda neen
-Difficulties now packed in mod
-Fixed all known errors
-Optimized train
-PLEASE NOTE after powers activated shock the engine with a decent range spell<-let me know if you like this feature or not
V 2.0
-Rewrote many scripts
-Thorough bugfixes
-Retextured areas
-New 'Upgrades'
-New buildings
-Many other things i can't remember :P
V 2.1
-Major Update
-Fused all addons
-Settings npc for the old addons features
-You can now research permanent upgrades, basically research technology
-Rewrote more scripts
V 2.1a
-Hehe, this is embarrasing... fixed encumber problem
V 2.5
-Huge Update
-Rewrote entire reward system
-Fixed all grammatical errors -Thank you Blouge
-Rewrote flee and reinforce
-Added reinforce to ship
-New war log w/ map
V 2.5a
-Updated war log for easier use
-Fixed reinforce script
-Fixed ally tactics script
-Added titans
-Redesigned battle scripts
-Stopped levitating
-No more teleporting away from battle
V 2.5a 2/16/2011
-Quick update to archive for easier downloading in future
V 2.8
-Huge gameplay update update
-Completely changed units
-Added more features for units
-Rewrote leveling system
-Added leveled lists for units
-Fixed titan spawning problem
-Fixed infamous "capturing cities without fighting" bug
-Fixed survival script not terminating
-Adjusted werewolves to be less overpowered
-Fixed reward system
-Added some missing resources
-Fixed upgrades in survival
-Optimized battle scripts for performance
V 2.81
-Made cave entrance mor obvious
-Added npc with scripted dialogue outside cave
-Reward trader now shows tickets
V 2.82
-Fixed npc outside cave
-Fixed Reward trader not taking tickets for swords
V 2.85
-Lots of changes
-Resources become stagnate after 3 turns
-Defensive force actually works
-New music
-NPC outside cave was pretty bugged, now fixed
-Cave without door now deleted
-Rebalanced upgrades
-Redesigned east a little

I have to apologize hehe 2.85 and down were pretty insanely bugged what with switching back and forth between esm and esp but as of v3 and greater nearly everythings been addressed :)