About this mod

A steampunk quest mod with 70+ quests, trains, robotics, and an entire new land to explore.

Permissions and credits
To the people view this on the Oblivion Nexus, this is a Morrowind mod, go here to download it

For centuries the enormous city of Omicron has lived in technological peace, bumbling through their problems and generally living happily. That is of course, until a plague hits the city and an enormous trans-dimensional gate opens up in the center, unleashing an army of malevolent bureaucratic robot demons on the world.
Luckily, the Nerevarine is present for the destruction, and with a magical spear, a determined expression, and an empty head, undertakes a journey to send the daedra back to hell and such.
Deus Ex Machina is primarily a steampunk/technology mod. Many things in the mod may seem lore-breaking to some, but nothing added clashes directly with the world. It is made with a heavy Dwemer and Sotha Sil inspiration.
-A epic main quest, with specialized scripted events, such as killer trains, explosions, enormous battles, unique boss battles (That come with their own music), and a lot of running away.

-Over 70 quests, including four fully joinable factions.

-An entire new land to explore, about the size of Solstheim, complete with lost dwemer prisons, ancient techomancy lairs, 3 new towns, and an enormous steampunk city.

-An enormous clockwork city, with over 100 interiors to explore, from simple homes to huge factories, and sprawling with NPCs and flavor. Trains move overhead, performers perform, muggers mug you, and the Day watch and the Night Watch shift places based on the time of day.

-Ability to join the Technomancer's Union, and master the art of magical machinery, or go against what you were told and become a necrotechnomancer.

-Ability to join the Crateheads, a local cult with reality warping agendas, often which make the player sick. And as you'll find out, make quite a few other people sick as well.

-Ability to join the Gunslingers, and bring justice to across the island to those who deserve it. But beware, you may get in over your head.

-The ability to become the ruler of a completely desolate Dwemer city, complete with ghostly citizens, and a working elevator, submarine and railroad! You can perform tasks and quests for the city, and gain standing with the citizens, unlocking services and rewards.

-New methods of fast travel: Trains, submarines and subways! Both the trains and subways move in real time, and are even able to be driven! Yes, they come with whistles.

-New armor, weaponry, clothing, and misc. items, some with specialized effects. Technomantic armor, clockwork swords, dispenser utility belts, even firearms.
This mod is compatible with all known mods, that includes Castle Wars, Sobitur, Tamriel Rebuilt and Darknut's GDR. It's also recommended you have a semi-decent computer, to prevent slowdowns, though you may download the umicron optimization patch if you have trouble or wish to avoid. If your computer crashes upon loading the city, then you must download the optimization patch. A fair warning, this mod does contain language and some mild adult themes, though nothing extreme. It is meant for high to mid level players, with the later quests meant for high levels.
Many fights are not actually able to be won! If a battle seems impossible, then it most likely is! Your best hope is to run for your life. To help you, there are several, easily reachable speed potion merchants throughout Omicron City. Use them to your advantage, because you WILL need it.
Also note that not everyone in Omicron City has something to say, even with 4 years of work, writing dialogue for hundreds of NPCs would make it take even longer, random citizens are still good sources if you wish to learn the latest rumors in the city.
If you have trouble with the main quest, a walk-through is given, both as a file, and as an in game book.
Certain resources are used, credits are given in the readme!