Tribunal Delayed by Cine
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Added: 19/08/2010 - 08:12AM
Updated: 19/08/2010 - 08:14AM

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Last updated at 8:14, 19 Aug 2010 Uploaded at 8:12, 19 Aug 2010

I recently started playing Morrowind again after finding a whole bunch of great texture replacers, and decided to play as a pure Telvanni mage (not quite THAT challenging with magicka-regenerating mods). I created a new character with no intent of playing the main quest whatsoever - and the first time I rested to level up I was promptly attacked by a pesky assassin.
So I naturally tracked down the offending script and changed it to my liking, which is to delay it until the main quest is finished (C3_DestroyDagoth=50, to be precise).

Requires Tribunal, naturally. Is also very clean and inoffensive to most other mods, since it only changes dbattackScript.