Seyda Neen House by MrAA
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Added: 24/07/2010 - 03:30PM
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1. Introduction

This was my personal plugin which is released for public now.
Do not expect a huge modification of Morrowind. This is only a small and simple plugin.

This plugin adds a small house located in Seyda Neen. The house is free.
The house is locked and a key lies next to a door to the house.
All containers inside of the house are safe. Barrels outside of the house are
safe too.
The plugin is clean (cleaned GMST) and it has been tested for many hours.

2. Instalation

This mod requires only Morrowind. Bloodmoon or Tribunal is not reguired.
Morrowind in the latest version is required!
Unzip the file and all copy into: Morrowind/Data Files
Then you must activate the plugin in Morrowind launcher.

3. Uninstalation

Delete the plugin from Data Files of Morrowind folder.

4. Credits

Bethesda Softworks - Morrowind
Mr.A.A. - Seyda Neen House

5. Contact

If you want to report bugs etc., you can contact me:
[email protected]

6. Distribution

This plugin can be distribute freely but mention the author pls.
Modifications of the plugin is permited and modificated plugins can be distributed freely.