Ungen Race and NPC addons by Qawsed Asap and Xenn
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Added: 06/07/2010 - 03:32AM
Updated: 07/12/2013 - 01:30PM

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Uploaded by Qawsed Asap


Last updated at 13:30, 7 Dec 2013 Uploaded at 3:32, 6 Jul 2010

I did not create this mod (though Xenn let me continue on the race)!!!

With that said, I would like to present the Ungen Race, aka Rat-like people. Originally made by Black_Hole/Xenn, I enhanced it to be Better Body. Enjoy!

Also, I added in another file pack (Ungen NPC and Ungen MCA) for one to try it out. Cut and Paste from the readme:

What the Ungen NPC mod provide for the players is NPC for the Ungen Race. I added about 20 NPCs (5 whom would provide tiny quests, 5 were children, and the rest are NPC with a bit of background). I uses the LGNPC mods to provide reference on where to place the Background and other dialogue. I also use their dialogue placeholder style (its LGNPC Ungen).

As for Ungen MCA, I added in about 14 NPC into the level list of the following:
Also, I added in two companion, both at Balmora: one at the South Wall Cornerclub and another at the Mage Guild.

The Ungen NPC.esp requires only the Ungen Race mod.

The Ungen MCA.esp requires the Ungen Race mod and MCA 5.2 (which require that itself requires the expansion pack).

One can play with both esp if you meet all the above requirement.

Update for Ungen Race
1.1 - Convert Body mesh to BB and increase height

1.2 - Fixed the neck problem mention by admin

1.7 : - Ungen Races have about six head models to choose from.
- Ungen Races now have fifteen hair models to choose from.
- As requested, Ungen have some immunity from dieases and poisons.

2.0 : - Increase the Personality Attribute to give them a better start.
- Replace the 1.7 body mesh with LizTail's argonian body mesh.
- Retex the body to get a much better overall skin color.
- Reorder the folders to optimize and organize the file.

Black_Hole/Xenn: The awesome modder that made this race possible!
Psychodog Studios: Great bunch for making Better Body possible!
LizTail: For the seamless body mesh from the Argonian!
The people of LGNPC: For their ideas and reference!
The people of MCA: For their ideas and reference!
Ren: For making the hair meshes possible in Morrowind!
Bethesda Softworks: For making Morrowind!
Photoshop and Niftool: For the awesome tools!