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This mod add some Oblivion gameplay features in Morrowind.

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This mod add some Oblivion gameplay features in Morrowind. It will fortify your attack so you have less chances to miss and it goes by your agility. Your magicka will restore 1-5 points a second depending on your willpower. But if your born under the Atronach you will not have restoring magicka. And all NPCs and creatures will also have a fortify attack and have less chances to miss. No matter what download the Better Gameplay file. If you have Tribunal download Better Gameplay Tribunal. If you have Bloodmoon download Better Gameplay Bloodmoon.

Magicka Regeneration
0-24 Willpower: Novice level (1 magnitude per second)
25-49 Willpower: Apprentice level (2 magnitude per second)
50-74 Willpower: Journeyman level (3 magnitude per second)
75-99 Willpower: Expert level (4 magnitude per second)
100 Willpower: Master level (5 magnitude per second)

Combat Attack
0-24 Agility: Novice level (attack +200)
25-49 Agility: Apprentice level (attack +400)
50-74 Agility: Journeyman level (attack +600)
75-99 Agility: Expert level (attack +800)
100 Agility: Master level (attack +1000)

Tribunal (Better Gameplay Tribunal)
Bloodmoon (Better Gameplay Bloodmoon)
Better Gameplay (Better Gameplay Tribunal & Better Gameplay Bloodmoon)

To install just download then extract folder and drag master files into your data files folder.