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a new higher level dungeon under bal fell

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  • Polish
a new dungeon for morrowind located under bal fell(if you hadn't guessed by the title.). It's fairly extensive and a little unique. There is a new goddess statue to namira in it, and several new monsters. some from resources, some from a dependency, and a few by me. one new book. couple of npc's an artifact blade. the ebony blade. this dungeon is meant for higher level characters. and you'd better be good at security. the way in is locked up tight. just to keep ya out till you can hack it. by the way. the way in is not in bal fell. but on an island next to it since in the game the original temple sunk. and was even bigger. that works out. it's not easy to see. as i did hide it. (trap door. under a screen of ferns and plants.)

Requires NX9Daedra_additions (on this site)

updated with northmarkers