Azuras Coast and Sheogorath - Grassmod by Muspila
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Added: 30/03/2010 - 09:16PM
Updated: 25/07/2011 - 06:35PM

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Last updated at 18:35, 25 Jul 2011 Uploaded at 21:16, 30 Mar 2010

This mod initially started as a part of an undertaking that was just getting my game ready for the actual playing.
You know, downloading zillions of mods, installing MGE, extracting BSA-files, fighting incompatibilities and whatnot..

I got hold of a piece of wonderful decadence... named Vality's grass mod. Oh yes. 8)

But... I had to notice that regions were left out there. No grass at Azura's Coast, no grass in Sheogorath, no grass in...
And I don't like things that are incomplete. I wanted at least a bit grass at Azura's coast. Otherwise I would not have wanted grass at all.

So, I went on downloading Yacoby's Mesh Generator. I modelled two grass meshes.. uff.. and made grass-textures that I thought would maybe fit to Azura's Coast.
My approach was very modest. No large thing. Just a bit grass here and there. It should be a manageable thing, one that should not take ages to complete.

Well... it took slightly longer than I hoped it would. I have been working about two whole days. I needed to go into each cell, needed to remove grass that was under stones, trunks and thresholds of buildings. I needed to move grass away from roads, needed to get all grass rooted as most of the plants were floating...
And inexpectedly the grass was not only spread over Azura's coast. Nearly all of Sheogorath was infected. :O
I accepted the fate and did all necessary fixes in both regions. The grass in each region should no longer be floating but.. inevitably there will be places where grass is still hiding under stones and buildings... I took care of the worst things though, I hope.

So, I decided to share my results with you all and hope there are people who are going to like what I made.
You will notice that density of the grass is a bit lower than in vality's grass mod. That was because, as said, I was aiming to make this for my own use, initially.

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-many misplaced grasses removed
-improved UV-mapping of one grass model

-A new Plugin for Tamriel Rebuilt included
-the textures for the animated grass have been combined into a single texture.

-from now there will only be one download. You can use that one for both animated or non-animated grass
-Textures have been enhanced.
-New grasses with new textures have been added for more variation.
-another bunch of misplaced grass-pieces have been moved.
-The plugin for TR has been renamed into "Grass_TR_TI&M"

-compatibility with NoM

-One texture has been enhanced
-Many floaters and bleeders have been fixed, most noticable in Tel Aruhn.