Levelers Broom Closet by WillieSea
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Levelers Broom Closet
by WillieSea

If you have a save game with v1.0 active, you WILL experience problems with v2.0. Its recommended you start a new game.
Morrowind - patched
The clothing on the two NPC's in the main area are best viewed if you have "better bodies" installed.

Can be used to quickly increase the stats, skills and abilities of your player character.
You can also decrease the same stats, skills and abilities if you wish.
This can help you continue to level up by decreasing your skills so they can 'level' again.
Features the Royal Ruby armor and weapons. (Retextured Glass) (Updated in v2.0)
Has a teleport chamber that will send you to many points around Morrowind.
There is also a pearl that will bring you back to the teleport chamber.
You can summon soulgems, gold, get yourself cured or have your abilities restored.
There are specially enchanted weapons, clothing items and armor for your use.
Also features a training room where you can summon any number of creatues to battle.
As a bonus, you get a reward for each creature you defeat.
V2.0 additions
* Training hall now has paid trainers you can use to up your skills quickly. A hidden button by the bed will give you 1000 gold each click.
* Stairs and swiming training. Run up the stairs, jumping to increase the corresponding skills. The button will teleport you back to the bottom and restore your stamina.
* Library with many books that can be used to up your skills.
* Temple with dancer and some special items. (Use of "better bodies" recommended)
* Training room has some default armor of each type useful only in increasing your armor skills. Spawn some scamps and let them hit you for a while.
*Auto-sorting chests. Some equipment will auto-sort into the container so you don't have to waste your time sorting everything.

1. Download the 7z file.
2. Unpack the 7z file to your game's 'DATA' folder \Morrowind\Data\
3. Since this replaces NONE of the vanilla files, you can over-write if asked.
4. Activate the mod from the 'Data Files' list on your start menu.
5. Play the game. You can find the entrace in the Census Office in Sedya Neen. All the way to the end of the passage, in the storage room, check for secret walls.

Version History
V2.0 - Major update with many changes 09/26/2015
V1.0 - Release 03/21/2010