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Adds quests, a spell that lets you talk to the dead and an amulet that tells you when there are spirits nearby. There are a number of spirits around Vvardenfell you can see only by casting the spell - some have quests for you, some wish you were dead and wake the undead to kill you, some just talk to you or simply ignore you. Requires Tribunal.

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This plugin adds a number of quests and NPCs into the game. There is not much fighting but plenty of dialogue and travelling around Vvardenfell.

This plug-in requires Tribunal.

Lleves Andan lived a long time ago in Suran. He was rumored to have a bit too much interest in the dark arts, but he was quietly tolerated. One day, he emerged from his house with a wide grin of satisfaction. Soon afterwards, he begun his quick descent into madness. He was killed - either by himself or by the mob no longer tolerating him in Suran. The truth has been long forgotten.

He was nonetheless buried in the clan tomb, just south of Suran. His spirit was bound to guard the tomb, which was a common punishment for the black sheep of the clan. Only later was it found out what he had created: an amulet that let you see and talk with the dead.

The amulet was never found and assumed either to be destroyed or lost. Many believe it never existed. In spite of this, many hopeful prospective necromancers have visited the Andan ancestral tomb. Could there be something hidden?

--[Slight spoiler]--

You'll come across an amulet and a spell. If you wear the amulet, you'll hear the ghosts whisper ("Scrye", "Look around", "See") when you are close to a spirit you can scrye. When you cast the spell, the screen will black out for a second. After that, you will see the spirits around you (frequently translucent, surrounded by cyan light).

Original release date: 12-25-2004