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Morrowind Advanced 1.82

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The Elder Scrolls III:
Morrowind Advanced Ver. 1.82
25 April 2004



Original and Primary Author:Gary Noonan/WormGod Elite

Version 1.81+ Mod Revisions: Stromgarde & Pookhill
Version 1.81+ Documentation:Stromgarde

Thanks to Wormgod for creating this mod, and for granting permission
to develop and release versions 1.81+.

Special thanks to Avenger for his female version of the Lord's Mail
Cuirass, which Pookhill recolored for use as the female version of
the Imperial Elite Cuirass added by this plugin. Also, thanks to
Avenger and Sheikizza Icemane for their model of a female Daedric
Cuirass which was used in this plugin for the Light Daedric Cuirass.

References to "Morrowind Unofficial Patch" in this readme file refer
to the mod by Thepal. References to "Passive Healthy Wildlife" refer
to the mod by Puma Man.

Please send comments, bug reports, etc., to Stromgarde via the
Official Elder Scrolls Forums.



To install the mod, unzip the files into the Morrowind\Data Files


By popular demand, Morrowind Advanced is now a master file. This
change was made to help eliminate the "doubling" problems many
players confronted in some earlier versions of Morrowind Advanced.

From the Morrowind Launcher, select Data Files and check the boxes
next to *both* "Morrowind Advanced.esm" and "MW_Adv_Required.esp".
Unfortunately, master files cannot delete objects from other master
files, so the second file is needed to delete some spawn points and
clean up some terrain features from the base Morrowind.esm file in
several cells which are modified by Morrowind Advanced.

You should uncheck any older version of Morrowind Advanced you may be
running; older versions will most likely be named MW_A01.esp unless
you previously renamed your personal copy.

For those who prefer to run Morrowind Advanced as a plugin file
rather than a master file, a .esp version of the mod can be found in
"Data Files\Morrowind Advanced - Resources\Morrowind Advanced.esp".
Simply copy this file to your root Data Files directory and use it
instead of the .esm file. Note that you will still need to run
"MW_Adv_Required.esp" after the .esp version of Morrowind Advanced
to resolve the issues mentioned above, as the cleaning references
in the file "MW_Adv_Required.esp" are not included in
"Morrowind Advanced.esp". Also, note that you may experience the
infamous "doubling" problem if you use the .esp version of the mod.



If you are running Thepal's Unofficial Morrowind Patch you should
load "Morrowind Advanced.esm" *after* Unofficial Morrowind Patch.
Nothing seriously wrong will happen if you use a different load
order, however; you just won't get all of the adjustments to the
Frost Atronach which are included in this mod. All other known
conflicts between Morrowind Advanced and Unofficial Morrowind Patch
have been eliminated.

If you are running Puma Man's Passive Healthy Wildlife mod an updated
version of his patch for Morrowind Advanced can be found in
"Data Files\Morrowind Advanced - Resources\MW_Adv_PHW.esp". Older
versions of Puma Man's patch have a conflict with Morrowind Advanced
1.81+ so you should be sure to use the version included in this archive.



Morrowind Advanced is for characters who are looking for a greater
challenge. This mod will work for starting or veteran characters.
It features many new creatures, both in the leveled lists and placed,
to make the playing experience more of a challange. New dungeons
along with some new weapons and armor have also been added. Some
loot lists have been toned down to provide more of a challenge in
locating powerful equipment. Also, the famed Heavy Right Daedric
Pauldron has made an appearance in random locations; the shipped
version only featured one! New random leveled Daedric containers
can be found, as well as possible Dremora loot.

Summary of contents:

Light Daedric Boots
Light Daedric Cuirass
Light Daedric Fountain Helm
Light Daedric L/R Gauntlets
Light Daedric God Helm
Light Daedric Greaves
Light Daedric L/R Pauldrons
Light Daedric Tower Shield
Light Daedric Shield
Light Daedric Terrifying Helm

Elite Imperial Boots
Elite Imperial L/R Gauntlets
Elite Imperial Cuirass
Elite Imperial Greaves
Elite Imperial Helm
Elite Imperial L/R Pauldrons
Elite Imperial Shield

Dragonian Scales
Harpy Blood
Dragon Molar
Dragon Fang
Dragon Meat
Mouse Meat
Seducer Heart
Wyvern Spine

FireBrand of WormGod
Great Sword of the North

Many existing creatures have been altered slightly for an
increased player challenge. These are balanced out within
new and existing leveled lists, so beginning characters can
still enjoy gameplay.

Rogue Ash Ghoul
Centurion Ripper
Steam X-Terminator
Clannfear Warrior
Undead Warrior
Swamp Impling
Red Warrior Dragon
Elite Dremora Assassin
Elite Dremora General
Earth Golem
Giant Earth Golem
Golden Saint Assassin
Rabid Kagouti
Large Mouse
Mako Mudcrab
Ogrim Behemoth
Ogrim Tracker
Rabid Rat
Elder Rat
Elder Scrib
Seducer Fiend
Black Scarab
Undead Necromancer
Spectral Fiend
Winged Twilight Hunter
Random encounters at higher levels with NPC Raiders.

Imperial Stronghold; Ashland Sentry Point
Imperial Proving Grounds



Changes in 1.82:

1) Added "LegionUniform" script to elite_cuirass ARMOR reference so the Imperial
Elite Cuirass will be considered a uniform by the Imperial Legion. (Stromgarde)

2) Deleted extra space between "Frost" and "Atronach" from names in the
"atronach_frost_bs", "atronach_frost_bs00", and "atronach_frost_dead" CREATURE
references. (Stromgarde)

3) Manually examined all 348 cells touched by previous versions of Morrowind Advanced
and cleaned many potentially harmful references. Also resolved a corrupt cell
reference which was present in older versions of Morrowind Advanced.

4) Split Morrowind Advanced references between a primary .esm (or .esp) file and a
slave .esp file to resolve problems caused by the way Morrowind handles the Merge
to Master function. Master files cannot delete objects from other master files,
so the slave file is needed to delete some spawn points and clean up some terrain
features near the Ashland Imperial Keep. (Pookhill)

5) Fixed AR for "elite_shield" ARMOR reference; it was 27 AR, changed it to 25 AR
so it was the same as the rest of the set. Also removed bogus "shield_elite"
ARMOR reference. (Stromgarde)

6) Removed bogus "ba" NPC reference. (Stromgarde)

7) Added word "Dead" to the names in the "atronach_flame_dead", "atronach_storm_dead",
"clannfear_dead", and "dead_cliff_racer_mwa" CREATURE references to try to make
things a bit more consistent; most "dead" creatures in Morrowind Advanced already
had "Dead" in the creature name. Only modified those references which were already
touched by Morrowind Advanced, so there are still a few dead CREATURE references
from Morrowind.esm which don't have "Dead" in the creature name; Bethesda was somewhat
inconsistent on this one. (Stromgarde)

8) Created an updated version of Puma Man's Passive Healthy Wildlife patch for Morrowind
Advanced that is compatible with version 1.81+ for Morrowind Advanced. Older versions
of the patch will have a conflict with the Imperial Elite Cuirass. Patch is included
in "Data Files\Morrowind Advanced - Resources" directory. (Pookhill)

Changes in 1.81:

1) Cleaned the plugin to remove "evil" GMST entries and many other things
that were redundant with the master files. (Stromgarde)

2) Updated NPC "sallie_the_traveller" so that her corpse persists. She
carries the teleportation amulet to one of the dungeons and is dead when
you enter her zone, so this change was necessary to ensure the amulet
didn't disappear if her corpse decomposes. (Stromgarde)

3) Added a female version of the Light Daedric Cuirass, using the female
Daedric cuirass from Avenger's Female Armors. Created new BODY part
"a_daedric_cuirass_f", part Chest, type Armor, female checked, using
Art File A\A_daedric_f_ChainCuirass1.nif. After creating the BODY part,
added it as the female body part in the ARMOR reference for the
daedric_cuirass_MWA armor, which is the Light Daedric Cuirass added by
Morrowind Advanced. (Stromgarde)

4) Changed name for "daedric_pauldron_left_MWA" ARMOR reference to "Light
Daedric Left Pauldron" from "Left Daedric Left Pauldron". (Stromgarde)

5) Fixed spelling of "Pauldron" in names for "elite_pouldronL" and
"elite_pouldronR" ARMOR references. (Stromgarde)

6) Deleted CLOTHING reference for "Daedric_Special01" and SCRIPT reference
for "amuletTelFyrscript" since these were essentially identical to
Morrowind.esm other than one capital letter in the script name in one being
a lower case letter in the other. This was done to eliminate conflicts
with mods such as Morrowind Unofficial Patch which alter the Tel Fyr amulet
script. (Stromgarde)

7) Removed extra space between "Frost" and "Atronach" in name for the
"atronach_frost" CREATURE reference. This was to eliminate a conflict
with Morrowind Unofficial Patch. (Stromgarde)

8) Altered CELL reference 8, -12 (for the daedric ruin Bal Fell) to make it
legal to rest there. This was done to eliminate a conflict with Morrowind
Unofficial Patch, and also because it didn't make sense that it would be
illegal to rest there. (Stromgarde)

9) Fixed several typos in "bk_ash_imp _note" BOOK reference: spelling of
word "appearance" in the first line and in second to last line changed text
"my advice to to clear out" to "my advice is to clear out." (Stromgarde)

10) Fixed spelling of "amulet" in "bk_bs_quest" BOOK reference. (Stromgarde)

11) Fixed spelling of "authorized" in "bs_goir" BOOK reference. (Stromgarde)

12) Added a space between the words "patroling" and "will" in "bs_gorg" BOOK
reference. (Stromgarde)

13) Added a female version of the Imperial Elite Cuirass, using a version of
Avenger's female Lord's Mail cuirass that was recolored by Pookhill. Installed
Pookhill's files Meshes\A\A_elite_cuirass_f_C.nif and Textures\
and Textures\ In Construction Set, created new
BODY part "A_elite_cuirass_f_C", part Chest, type Armor, female checked, using
Art File A\A_elite_cuirass_f_C.nif. After creating the BODY part, added it
as the female body part in the ARMOR reference for the elite_cuirass armor,
which is the Imperial Elite Cuirass added by Morrowind Advanced. (Stromgarde)

14) By popular demand, created a .esm version of Morrowind Advanced to help
eliminate doubling problems. Retained .esp file as an option for those who
want it. (Stromgarde)



ALWAYS backup your savegame before using a new mod. Use of this
mod is strictly at your own risk. The author and contributors
are not liable or responsible for any problems which may result from
the use of this mod.