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Intelligent Pack Guar.
v1.1 By Charles Nadolski, 2004/6/23.
aka PierreBeauregard on mwsource forums.

This is my first attempt at modding for morrowind, and so to get some experience I decided to make a guar mod from scratch. For this mod, I wanted to balance realism with playability.

Version 1.0 features:
Unobtrusive merchant: Aryne Tharys is a dark elf herder wandering Balmora plaza. She doesn't distract from the game world and shouldn't interfere with other mods. She sells the pack guars.
Restoring your guar: By feeding basic alchemical ingredients you can heal your guar and cure it of disease. None of this "kwama egg" nonsense.
Enhancing your guar: By feeding basic alchemical ingredients you give your guar certain abilities, such as levitation and water walking. The more expensive the ingredient, the more potent the effect.
Adapts to your level: The guar's health and speed are scaled to your own, so you don't have to worry about it keeping up, or getting killed as you encounter tougher monsters.
Non-Munchkin Automated warping: Should your guar get stuck, or if you lose sight of your guar, it will teleport just within AI distance and resume following you, and *only* if it's following you.
Slightly scaled down to avoid it getting stuck in certain archways and rope bridges.
Guar realism: Aside from speed and health increases, the other attributes are the exact same as "Rollie the Guar" from within the game, and it can carry the same amount of gear
Update 1.0 to 1.1:
When you cast Almsivi Intervention or Divine Intervention, the pack guar will teleport with you automatically, as long as you've seen it ONCE since you've installed version 1.1, and the guar was set to follow you.

This guar is *not* a tamagochi or pet. It is a pack animal. You should not have to baby-sit it, yet you should make sure it doesn't die and have it levitate or waterwalk once in a while (and not over-rely on teleporting).

This mod is not %100 tested, as it is a first release, but as far as I can tell, all the above mentioned features should be working fully. Some things may need tweaking eventually, such as the guar's size, and perhaps some additional abilities, and at some point a resurrection scroll you can buy from Aryne Tharys.

In theory, you can also have multiple guars, but I have *not* tried this, and it may ruin the playability and realism.

If you have any comments, contact me through AIM: chuck00z.
Or through the Morrowind Source Forums as PierreBeauregard.