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Vivec-Velothi Retextured V2 by AnOldFriend
Morrowind » Models and Textures
Added: 22/01/2010 - 12:45AM
Updated: 22/01/2010 - 02:40AM

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Uploaded by AnOldFriend


Last updated at 2:40, 22 Jan 2010 Uploaded at 0:45, 22 Jan 2010

The files contained within replace the textures for the city of Vivec and the Velothi architecture.

Changes in Version 2:

~All textures use a new mipmap formula with 5 mipmaps which should eliminate the noise problems (If you still have problems with noise, tell your kids to go to sleep.)

~New textures have been added, doors, signs, statues, fresco's, and a wall texture I missed in the first release.

~Fixed UV mapping for the canton ramps that lead to the level above.

~Fixed misaligned head and neck on ex_v_vivecstatue_01.nif.