Vurts Ascadian Isles Mod by vurt
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Added: 16/01/2010 - 01:08AM
Updated: 20/07/2010 - 10:41PM

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Last updated at 22:41, 20 Jul 2010 Uploaded at 1:08, 16 Jan 2010


* New tree models for the Ascadian Isles, including new
parasol (mushroom) trees.

* All leaves are animated (swaying in the wind).

* Particle Effects (falling leaves, falling spores and hovering flies)

* Bump maps

* New ground textures (WIP)

* New Flora (WIP)

The latest Morrowind Code Patch is needed for the Bump maps to work properly.

DELETE the old .esp! The mod does no longer need it and errors will occur if you use it.

MGE users:

I suggest turning off AA (antialiasing) and SSAO. Set SSAO to interiors only, it really works better (and looks great!) for interiors. AA and SSAO is trouble for 2D planes (leaves/grass).

Also, remember to regenerate distant land.