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Buy a house in each city just like in Oblivion.

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Did you every want to just own your own house just like in Oblivion but in Morrowind. Well now you can. You can buy a house in each city. To buy it in Ald-ruhn talk to Neminda in the Redoran Council Entrance. It costs 12000 gold for it and it is south of the temple on the southeast side of town. To furnish it talk to Tiras Sadus at his General Merchandise. To buy a house in Balmora talk to Nileno Dorvayn in the Hlaalu Council Manor. It is the best house in this mod that is 25000 gold and is just behind the Hlaalu Council Manor in the Northeast part of town. To furnish it talk to Ra'virr at his trader. To buy it talk to Naarifin in the Great Bazaar at his stand under the bridge. It cost 20000 gold and is in the eastern side of Godsreach. To buy furniture for that house talk to the Mournhold Trader Sunel Hlas. To buy a house in Sadrith Mora talk to Mallam Ryon in the Telvanni Council House. It will cost 8000 gold and is in the western side of Sadrith Mora. To furnish it talk to Elegal at his trader stand. To buy a house in Vivec talk to Monesa Salen in Foreign Quarter Upper Waistworks. It will cost 10000 gold and is in St. Delyn on the western side. To furnish it talk to Jeanne at her Trader in the Foreign Quarter Canalworks. This mod also uses Better Bookshelves.

If you have Shivering Isles look at my Shivering Isles Buy A House