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new meshes (taken from the skeleton mesh) for the statics, misc. objects, and lights in Morrowind involving skulls, carefully aligned with the original meshes to hopefully sit almost identically in-game. Also, a plugin to replace the unique skulls with unique meshes, textures, and icons where applicable.

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The Elder Scrolls III
Better Skulls

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TITLE: Better Skulls

MOD TYPE: Mesh/Texture Replacement

BY: tronvillain & nONatee
CONTACT: [email protected]

Does the look of skulls in Morrowind really get on your nerves? It does mine, so inspired by razorfett147's "Skull's Improved 1.2", I decided to extend the concept to all meshes involving skulls, while keeping it a pluginless replacer if at all possible. So, here are new meshes (taken from the skeleton mesh) for the statics, misc. objects, and lights in Morrowind involving skulls, carefully aligned with the original meshes to hopefully sit almost identically in-game.

Now added is nONatee's "Diverse Skulls", which originally also had similar pluginless replacements for most of the meshes involving skulls (which is why we decided to combine our efforts), and now provides (via a plugin) gorgeous unique named skulls in Morrowind (Skull of Llevule Andrano) and Bloodmoon (Oddfrid White-Lip, Skull of a Skaal Warrior, and A Breton Skull).




To install, simply extract the "Data Files" folder into the Morrowind directory, and check "Better Skulls.esp" if you want unique named skulls. If you wish to use (and I highly recommend that you do) nONatee's optional half-skulls (for the servant's skulls, and the
Skull of Llevule Andrano if you use the plugin) and burned skulls (for static skulls and skullpiles), simply extract the contents of the "Optional" folder into the Morrowind as well.




-Beta release of "Better Skulls".
-Does not yet include Tribunal's in_OM_skullpile.nif, unique meshes for servant's skulls,

or new icons.

-Added missed lower jaw to top skull of furn_burial20.nif

-Added vanilla style servant skull meshes to furn_burial_20.nif and misc_skull10.nif

-Added in_om_skullpile.nif

-Added new icons for skulls and servant's skulls.
-Added nONatee's optional half-skull meshes, textures, and icons for servant's skulls and furn_burial20.nif, as well as "burned" meshes for furn_bone_skull_01 and in_OM_skullpile.nif

-Added English translation of nONatee's "Diverse Skulls" plugin, with optional Andrano half-skull, to create a complete "Better Skulls."




The pluginless portion of this mod this should not significantly conflict with anything, except potentially (the relatively close alignment of old and new should help) for mods positioning skulls in an unusual manner, or other mesh replacers. On the other hand "Better Skulls.esp" may conflict with any mod affecting the named skulls in Morrowind or Bloodmoon.

NOTE: With these meshes newly installed, you may be paying more attention to skull positioning. Let me assure you, the problems with positioning you may see were just as bad with the original meshes. *chuckle* I have noted some especially poor positioning (most of the Solstheim barrows for some reason) and will try to bring it to the attention of the MPP rather than adding a plugin myself. That said, please report any bugs (with the meshes themselves for example, I am a complete novice at Nifscope) to [email protected] or in the [RELz] Better Skulls thread in Bethesda Game Studios Forums>Morrowind>Morrowind Mods.




razorfett147: for creating "Skulls Improved 1.2"
nONatee: for the servant skull mesh and textures, and for the opportunity to combine our mods.
Connary: for permitting nONatee to use his skull texture as a base.
Fliggerty: for this style of readme, and all his mods, especially his keyring.
Bethesda: for creating a game I love and want to contibute to.

And to all the modders who's work makes Morrowind so much richer.




Feel free to distribute or modify this (except for the unique skull and optional servant's skull textures - take those up with nONatee and Connary) as you like in Morrowind mods, remembering that these meshes (except for portions of the servant's skull) are all derived from Bethesda's meshes. That said, a little credit would be appreciated.

Enjoy! -nONatee & tronvillain